People spend most of their life at home. Ideally, their house looks the way they want it to, and it’s kept up-to-date. Sometimes, however, a person will look at parts of their home and say, “It’s time for a change.” The kitchen, in particular, is often a room that gets made over every couple years.

What are 6 kitchen renovation trends that are popular for 2021?

#1 The kitchen cabinets need a new look:

The kitchen cabinets need a new look

When’s the last time you replaced your kitchen cabinets? At the very least, you could give them a fresh coat of paint. The trendy color this year is navy blue! Other colors that are trending in 2021 include olive green, matte black, or even a wooden tone to enhance the look of the kitchen.

#2 Smart storage designs:

In a kitchen, storage is a main aspect that cannot be ignored. No one wants a kitchen that does not have a proper storage area. Today there are smart storage designs that will make sure all your things are well organized and kept “out of the way” in the storage section of the kitchen. Basically, look for brand new storage options available in stores in 2021 in order to utilize your kitchen space better than in the past.

#3 Make use of authentic/basic tiles:

Are you looking forward to adding a backsplash to the kitchen area? Make sure that you are not doing it on the half wall. No doubt many people are doing this, but it will diminish the entire look of the kitchen. In 2021, go “fully tiled” or install a giant one slab backsplash to the kitchen wall. Along with the design, if you are looking forward to having durability, choose neutral colors in sturdy materials. This will make the wall appear trendy.

#4 Go for ornate hardware:

People are no longer fond of shiny and flashy things for their kitchen hardware. They are developing an inclination toward the matte black finish, which gives a classy look to kitchen hardware. It also complements the appearance of the cabinets and the backsplash.

#5 Don’t forget the kitchen flooring:

Generally, when renovating the kitchen, people tend to forget the kitchen flooring. The floor, however, plays a vital role in enhancing the look of the kitchen. In 2021, the trend for flooring is statement stones. They are really popular because they have dramatic veining. These “stones” give a unique look to the floor. Stones can also be used for the kitchen countertops. With this style, you can make the entire kitchen look uniform as well as exotic. Some experts also suggest that you can make use of silver limestone for the kitchen flooring.

#6 Use natural materials for your kitchen:

Use natural materials for your kitchen
When you are making use of natural materials in your kitchen, you are ensuring that the entire space looks refreshing, clean and elegant. You can choose quartz, marble, and wood as they are all becoming very popular in 2021. Consider materials that have both a nice finish and a natural vibe.


Every year kitchen trends change. That said, if it has been a while since you last remodeled your kitchen, maybe 2021 is “your year” to do so. Hopefully these aforementioned trends and tips will help you make good choices for your “new look.”