The house siding is one of the most crucial components for keeping everything inside safe.

Indeed, this isn’t the most exciting home improvement project to consider, but it’s essential, especially given that siding has a lifespan that varies based on what it has endured.

You should take into account the following factors, which could shorten the lifespan of your siding:

#1 Pest Infestation:

Pests are particularly prone to attack wood siding. They include everything from woodpeckers looking for a meal to bugs and carpenter bees seeking safety and food. A siding’s ability to protect from pests like termites and powder post beetles is severely constrained. However, other siding materials supported by underpinning wood structures are also at risk, not simply the wood siding.

Use pesticides or hot water running through a spray nozzle at 160–180 degrees to stop bugs from damaging your siding. To get rid of pests without harming the surrounding trees, you can also apply environmentally friendly chemicals to those trees.

How To Fix It: Use chemical solutions to kill the pests.

#2 Penetration Of Moisture:

The siding has a design to keep moisture out.

When damaged, sometimes you cannot see how moisture becomes a severe issue, regardless of what type you have on your home.

Warping and buckling are the telltale indications of moisture affecting your siding and home.

How To Fix It: You can provide a waterproofing cover to the siding.

#3 Poor Siding Maintenance:

#3 Poor Siding Maintenance_

Even though most siding requires low maintenance, it has to be inspected, especially after bad weather. The issues progressively worsen until you find yourself in an “emergency” position. By setting up a regular maintenance program with your siding contractor, you can spot minor problems before they become severe.

Experts advise opting for yearly inspections during bad weather and strong gusts.

You can also inspect it from time to time.

You can keep an eye on irregularities like exposed nails and sealant cracks.

Call your siding contractor if you notice anything.

#4 Installation Problems:


Not every contractor has equal skills. Some people lack the expertise needed to effectively construct the siding, which can dramatically shorten its lifespan. Do your homework and look up local contractors.

Consult your friends, family, and neighbors to find out who they suggest. Ensure the candidates on your shortlist have a strong portfolio of references to support their claims.

#5 Fading Of Siding

Manufacturers of siding are doing a fantastic job of creating solutions resistant to fading from exposure to sunshine. However, they are only so effective because UV light will gradually discolor the skin, giving it an uneven appearance that is pretty unappealing.

#6 Weather Condition:

Your siding might get harmed by small and big hailstones. The same is true for any debris that comes in contact with your siding during strong winds. Sometimes the mark will be more visible than others, but it may still necessitate repair or replacement. Furthermore, harsh winter weather damages siding because ice melts into water seeps into crevices, and then freezes again, causing extensive harm over time.

Whether or not you see the damage, make careful to call your contractor and schedule an inspection after a strong storm with high winds or during severe winter weather. They are aware of what to check for and will advise on the best solutions, from simple tweaks to total replacements.

#7 Siding Age:

Sidings have a set service life, just like the roofing system. If you continue to use the siding after it has reached the end of its useful life, it won’t operate as efficiently and will require more frequent maintenance.

How To Fix It: The siding’s deterioration cannot be stopped. The best option is to have new siding installed.

#8 Presence Of Cracks:

Siding typically has no surface holes or cracks when it is brand-new. However, siding’s quality degrades over time due to exposure to storms, snowfall, UV light rays, and rain. Your siding may start to show little fractures and splits.

How To Fit It: If you come across cracks or other damage to the siding, you can do some repairs.

You can hire experts to complete the task if you cannot do it yourself.


Maintenance is crucial if you want the house siding to be sturdy and effective. Call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for all your siding requirements in Andover, Minnesota.