Caring For Your Home’s Gutters

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During the fall season, homeowners should inspect their downspout system, gutters and roof as this gets them ready for the cold winter days ahead. It is also a good idea to inspect your gutters and carry out proper maintenance before and after heavy rainfalls and storms. Performing this inspection helps keep your downspouts and gutters free of dirt, clogs and other damages that can put your roof at risk of leaking. Also, how long your roof lasts can be a result of how well you have maintained your gutters.

What are some things to think about when caring for your home’s gutters? Here are some ideas to consider… 

Cleaning The Gutters Two Times Every Year

Cleaning The Gutters Two Times Every Year

Do not wait for damage to happen before thinking about a solution. Your gutter should be cleaned twice every year before the cold winter sets in as well as during the spring season after the winter thaw. 

Examining Your Gutters For Leaks, Holes, Rust And Corrosion

Using a hose, let water run through your gutters so you can check for signs of leaks, rust, corrosion and holes while doing this. These signs can especially be observed around the joints of the gutter that link the metal edges together.

If your gutter has some of these damaging signs, you can use gutter patching equipment from your local hardware store. If there is corrosion on the gutter joints, use a sealant to fill it. Also, join back the gutter support beam if it has detached from the siding or roof.

Whether or not you have observed any damaging signs, if your gutters look rusty, dented or ruined, you should have them replaced. You can opt for gutters or downspouts that are made with compositions of vinyl, aluminum or copper. This is to ensure longevity and ideally a rust-free gutter system.

Cleaning Out Existing Debris

During rainfall, gutters accumulate roof debris that washes down into them. If there is a consistent buildup of debris, then the gutter can be blocked, which may be bad for your home. You can make cleaning the gutter a DIY project or hire a roof maintenance professional to carry out the task.

Cleaning The Downspouts

Cleaning The Downspouts

While your gutters carry washed-off debris and water, the downspout does more by preventing the washed-out debris and water from draining at the foundation of your home. Without the downspout, your home’s foundation can be affected, leading to structural collapse.

Ensure your downspout is well-maintained by looking out for signs of holes, leaks, corrosion and rust. If there are impending damages, repair them or replace the downspout completely. If the drainage pool is close to the walkway or the base of your home, you can opt for downspout extenders for better drainage.

Consider The Weather In Your Locality

It is normal to have heavy downpours during the cold winter season and you may begin to observe that some areas in your gutter have developed problems that must be repaired.

For example, if the gutter is blocked, there will be an intense buildup of the drainage pool, which can become frozen, causing the gutter to retract and/or increase in size, leading to the damage of that gutter.

The gutter will have holes or cracks, making way for water to flow uncontrollably into your home, leading to damage to your home’s structure. Aside from water damage, extreme wind can also be a problem as your gutter can lose its integrity.

Extreme winter wind can cause your gutter’s supporting device to loosen. This can be dangerous, and for your home and your safety, you should consider proper gutter maintenance at all costs.


Cleaning out your gutter comes with many benefits that can help the structure and foundation of your home. Have a roofing contractor help you maintain your gutters– please call Born Carpentry of Andover, MN, at 612-747-8003 for your gutter needs.

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