Protecting Your Siding Through The Winter

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A cold winter climate can affect your siding. Minnesota winters are particularly harsh on siding and other elements of a home. 

What are some ways you can protect your siding through the winter? Here are some ideas to consider… 

1. Fill The Siding Using Quality Sealers

Wood siding can increase in size as a result of temperature changes. It is important to care for your siding by filling it with quality sealers to stop it from contracting at low temperatures.

External siding made of wood can crack and the caulked seam can come off. When sealing your siding, make it an annual project to keep your home protected and secured throughout the year. Also, you can opt for rot-free wooden siding as it tends to last longer.

You can use woods composed of cedar and cypress. However, both wood types should be sealed. You should not use just any sealant– use a type that says it can handle extreme temperatures. 

2. Give Your Siding A Careful Power Wash

Give Your Siding A Careful Power Wash

When giving your siding a power wash you can damage the wood in the process if you apply too much pressure.

Forceful washing can cause the paint(s) to peel off and this can lead to loosened caulks; The wood can become softened due to moisture even though its surface has been painted, and this can lead to rotting of the wood.

When using a power wash be cautious with this device. Try not to point the pressure washer in an upward direction as this way of handling the device can force the water to make its way beneath the siding and cause havoc.

You can use the powerwash the right way by keeping it far from the surface you are cleaning. Point it to your siding in a bent direction, and stand at a distance of several feet away before spraying to clean.

Give the device a swaying movement to achieve a thorough and protective cleaning.

3. Ensure Your Home Is Well-Ventilated

A well-ventilated attic can restrict the passage of moisture and humidity into the siding of your home. When there is a transfer of moisture due to poor ventilation, the siding will gradually damage or rot away.

To keep your home safe, care for your siding by ensuring proper ventilation of your attic. Your siding will not have any moisture problems if it is always dry. 

If you are living in a cold climate, ice dams can form from time to time– consider using tracing wires that add warmth to the roof and stop ice from accumulating on your roof.

Care for your siding by ensuring minimal exposure to humidity and maintaining proper ventilation and your siding will be kept free from damage and last for a longer period.

4. Give Your Siding A Renewed Look

Give Your Siding A Renewed Look

You can care for your siding and maintain it for a long time if you give it a new look now and then. If your siding is made of wood, you can polish it, or give it a refinishing touch by opting for the exact color, especially with natural wood color. You can look for other appealing choices that can help bring the grain out. When giving your siding a refinishing touch, allow the surface to dry completely before you apply or coat the top with protective sealants.

Consider painting the siding. This can increase its curb appeal. 

5. Clean Your Wood Siding Often

You can clean your siding using soapy warm water. You can gently clean the siding with a brush, and this can be done once a year.

If, while cleaning, you observe mildew on your siding, get rid of it by using an anti-fungus cleaning agent. Also, dress properly by wearing safety eye protection equipment and gloves. After applying the fungus-killing cleaning agent, rinse off the siding with water.

If there are stains on your siding, get rid of them by dissolving solutions of oxalic acid in soft water before scrubbing gently on the area affected by rust before rinsing it.

You can clean the siding from the lowest area and work up to the topmost section of the siding. By doing this, you will be preventing water from seeping into the siding or leaving marks and stains on the siding.


Homeowners who want their siding to last for years without any damage should pay attention to any signs of problems. Make repairs as needed, or replace the siding if it’s really bad. In Andover, MN, please call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 to talk about any siding issue you have. 

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