If you’ve been thinking about changing the look of your house, you might be worried it’ll cost too much money. That said, what about home renovation ideas that aren’t too expensive?

What are some home renovation ideas for people on a budget who don’t want to spend too much?

Here are some affordable options…

#1 Changing The Appearance Of The Door And Windows

The most simple and easy way to give a different look to your house is to replace old doors and windows with new ones. You can choose doors and windows made of modern-looking materials to bring a contemporary appearance to your living space. You can use colors that bring in positivity and eliminate negative aspects– for instance, switch to bright colors rather than dark shades. In addition, it’s okay to choose different doors and windows for every room. Mix it up!

#2 Apply Paint To Give A Fresh Look To The House

Apply paint to give fresh look house

You may have lived in the same house for many years. The paint might look dull and dingy. Perhaps there are patches of discoloration on the walls and ceiling(s).

With a coat or two of fresh paint, you can improve the overall look of the house. Be meticulous when choosing the paint color for your house. You can opt for different colors for every room based on the interior furniture, door(s) and windows.

#3 Refresh The Lighting Of The House


Updating or changing the lighting of the house does not have to be expensive. With minimal changes, you can observe the beautiful effects that updated lighting makes in your house. You can use LED lighting with multiple color effects. Refreshed lighting is a simple way to revamp each of your living spaces.

#4 Remodel The Kitchen Area With Modern Features

To enhance the overall look and feel of the kitchen, you can do multiple things, including:

  • Changing the countertop
  • Improving the look of the cabinets
  • Painting the cabinets
  • Using new and advanced appliances
  • Cleaning and revamping the sink area
  • Updating the cabinet hardware

#5 Do Not Forget The Bathroom

Sometimes people skip renovating the bathroom. They are busy renovating other things in the house or figure it’ll be too expensive. The bathroom is a space you occupy every morning and spend plenty of time in. Therefore, this area should have a positive impact on your life and not be ignored.

To improve the look of your bathroom, you can change the cabinetry, update the hardware on the vanity, switch out the faucet, update the mirror, redo the lighting, add a fresh coat of paint, replace dated tile and much more. All these things can be done even when you are on a tight budget.


Home renovation work is done to give a new look and feel to your home. If you are looking for a qualified and affordable contractor to do some work, call Born Carpentry of Andover, MN, at 612-747-8003.