According to the latest Minnesota demographics information available from the United States Census Bureau today, Figure 1 Minnesota, as it is commonly referred to, shows that it has a median Population of 4,681 which is the smallest as far as the population of any of the other states in the greater Minnesota area. This means that Nowthen, Minnesota is a very socially balanced community and has fewer concentrations of wealth and poverty than some other communities in Minnesota and the rest of the nation. One key reason for this is that Nowthen Minnesota has just a fraction of the population in some of the very wealthy cities such as Duluth, Maplewood, Rochester, St. Paul, and Edina. Information can be found here.

As you can see, Nowthen, Minnesota has a very low concentration of single people. The only major area where there are more single people than married ones in Nowthen, Minnesota is the City of Minneapolis. The suburbs of Minneapolis have a much higher concentration of married couples. Nowthen, Minnesota stands at about 47% married and a little over half of the marriages in Nowthen are between people who are married and those who are not. The figures for this year are still good for Nowthen and may even have increased slightly from last year. This means that if you are looking to get married in Minnesota, you may find that Nowthen, Minnesota may be for you. See here for information about The Scenic Landscape View Surrounding Linwood, Minnesota.

If you are from another part of Minnesota or even outside of Minnesota and want to get married here, you should consider that Nowthen, Minnesota may be the place for you. The figures that are shown in the above figure represent a midpoint of what a good number would look like. So, if you are looking for a place to live in Minnesota, consider Nowthen, Minnesota. You will find it to be a great place to live.