A Fun One-Day Trip With The Family In Andover, MN

If you are in the city of Andover, MN and you are looking for something for the entire family to do, there is a lot of options available! While many people don’t prefer to travel a lot when going to multiple places, there are two places right next to each other that you can go to with the entire family for a full day of fun activities! Further facts about Andover, MN can be found here.

The two fun places that you can bring your whole family to in Andover, MN include:

  • Andover Cinema

  • Andover Lanes

Andover Cinema

Andover Cinema is an entertaining movie theater that you and your entire family would enjoy in Andover, MN. At this movie theater, they play all sorts of movies throughout the day, they feature a large concession stand with snacks, foods, and drinks, as well as cozy reclining chairs in a large cinema. Information about 2 Trampoline Parks That You Can Go To In Andover, MN can be found here. 

Andover Lanes 

Right next to the Andover Cinema, you will find Andover Lanes in Andover, MN. This is a bowling alley that offers a lot to do for everyone of all ages! With the option of bowling, visiting the arcade, ordering food, and holding birthday parties, there is a lot to do at this location