Weather and time can cause real damage to your home and it’s not something to be overlooked.
It’s important to maintain the features of your home to protect your property and save significantly in future costs.
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Storm Damage

Was your property hit by a hail storm, high winds, tornado or something else?

It is important to conduct an inspection of your property after a severe storm to avoid any further damage to your property. It can be difficult to even know where to start, let alone getting things back to normal. Born Carpentry is experienced in restoration of property damaged by all types of severe weather. If a storm damaged it, we can restore your property to new. We offer free inspections and estimates. We will assist you along the way of getting your property back to new.

Hail can create soft spots on your shingles when it hits which voids most manufacturer’s warranties. If any damage were to occur to your roofing and you file a claim with the manufacturer, they could reject it on that one spot alone! In addition, if you were to sell your house and the buyer conducted an inspection finding these damages, it is likely they would want an adjustment to the offer, usually thousands of dollars, on this alone! It is important to have your house inspected after a major storm to insure your property is still in good condition and you are protecting your investment.

We are certified contractors with GAF, the world’s largest shingle manufacturer. The roofing products we use on your house have a minimum 30 year warranty or more to ensure your house is taken care of well into the future.

Roofing and Gutters

Wind and hail damage can be very hard to detect if you are not experienced.


Strong windows even get damaged so it’s time to replace and save on energy costs!

Windows are the least likely to sustain damage since they are the strongest however the do get damaged from time to time. It is more likely that the trim around your window was damaged however either can occur. This can be a blessing in disguise because new windows are energy efficient which means you pay less to heat and cool your house, in addition, you may also be able to receive a tax credit for energy-efficient improvements made to your house!

Siding, including fascia (the trim around your roof), can also be damaged depending on the severity of the storm and the age of the siding. If there are large pieces of hail, there is a very good chance your siding was damaged. Damage occurs in a variety of ways: chipping paint, cracking and breaking of vinyl, indenting of metal and more. With the constant heating and cooling of the siding, the materials can become more and more brittle over time. This increases the likelihood that damage from a storm will occur.

Vinyl siding is the only exterior cladding with a certified installer program with validation by an independent, third-party administrator to ensure that installers demonstrate knowledge of industry-accepted application techniques


Hail paired with seasonal heating and cooling can cause serious damage to your siding over time.

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