Hair Salons That You Can Go To While You Are In Andover, MN

If you are looking to get a haircut in the city of Andover, MN, there are many places that you and your family can visit together. With haircuts being a big investment that many people make so many times a year, we must find a place that we can trust and rely on! Information can be found here.

Two hair salons that you can visit while you are in Andover, MN include:

  • Total Look Salon & Spa

  • Great Clips

Total Look Salon & Spa

Total Look Salon & Spa is a hair salon that many people visit in the city of Andover, MN. This salon has been in business for over 40 years in the area, and they have been a reliable source of haircuts for many people over the years. While they work with hair, they also provide the services of waxing, nails, massages, skincare, and electrolysis. See here for information about 2 Nail Salons That You Can Visit In Andover, MN.

Great Clips

Great Clips is a hair salon that you can visit while you’re in Andover, MN. At this location, they offer haircuts and styling for an affordable price to all types of people, meaning you can bring the whole family along!