A roof is the most essential part of the house, isn’t it? The primary function of a roof is to protect the house and the family inside from the area’s harsh and ever-changing climate. It endures different types of climatic changes and makes sure that no harm is caused to the family. If you want your roof to keep functioning efficiently, you must keep it well-maintained. If you fail to do so, you’ll have to keep spending money on frequent repairs and may even have to replace the roof sooner than anticipated.

Here are 5 important warning signs that will help you know your house needs a new roof.

#1 Shingles are buckling or curling up:

Shingles are buckling or curling up

When inspecting the roof of your house, if you see that shingles are beginning to curl and buckle, it’s time for a new roof. Curling up means that the shingles begin to cup around the edges and turn upwards. Sometimes the edges stay normal, but the middle part of the shingle will pop-up. Also look for the presence of cracks and/or broken edges.

#2 The condition of the gutters:

If you see granules of the shingles in the gutter, it means that the shingles are severely damaged– and the granules have fallen off (from the surface) and collected in the gutter. Check shingles for bald spots. These bald spots are nothing but the dark area that gets affected due to continuous exposure to harsh weather and no regular maintenance. If the dark spots are larger in size, then there will be a threat of water leaks. So, before anything severe happens, it is advisable to get the roof replaced.

#3 Do you see daylight coming through the roof?

When inspecting a roof, be sure and also check the interior portion of it. Head to the attic and check whether you can notice daylight coming through any section of the roof. If yes, then that is an indication that the roof surface is damaged, and this problem can allow snow and rainwater to seep inside the house, which can cause damage to the house’s interior including ceilings and walls. Besides this, the problem area can also cause damage to your insulation and raise heating bills drastically. If you think that the damage caused is beyond repair, then get your roof replaced as soon as possible.

#4 Visible growth of mold and mildew:

During an inspection, if you notice the growth of mold around the edges of the shingles or around the flashing area, then you can get that mold removed by hiring professional roofers to do the job. But if the mold has spread to the entire roofing area, it means the moisture content has already passed to the foundation of the house and might be causing damage to the ceiling(s) and walls. In such a situation, you should get the roof replaced immediately.

#5 Sagging:


If your roof is sagging it could collapse at any time and that’s not good. The roof of your house has valleys and dips in which the rainwater or snow keeps collecting. If stagnant water is not removed as intended, expect severe damage to the roof. Sagging roofs are related to the overall structural integrity of the roof. If you are not replacing the sagging roof quickly, it may collapse at any time.


If you notice any warning signs that your roof is failing, you should get help from professional roofing contractors. Have them inspect your roof so they can let you know the exact condition of it and suggest what should be done.