One option to give your home a transformation and enhance its curb appeal is to install new siding. To ensure a good siding installation, you should be familiar with several common mistakes to avoid when installing new siding.

Here are some common siding installation mistakes…

#1 Using inexpensive, subpar siding

The temptation to utilize inexpensive, subpar siding to save money is typical. Cheap siding, however, will likely crack, droop and fade over time since it will decay quickly. Because of this, you should never skimp on siding quality, despite the expensive cost.

#2 Selecting an inappropriate color & theme combination

One of your home’s most noticeable characteristics is its siding. As a result, choosing a color for your siding requires careful consideration and patience. The visual attractiveness of your home might be harmed by improper color selections.

Avoid using bright hues that can look a little out of the ordinary to the normal individual. These hues could look out of place with the rest of the exterior and potentially reduce the value of your home. If you need assistance choosing a hue, you can always go online for helpful tips or speak with a designer.

Keep in mind that you could eventually need to sell the house. You must choose a siding design and color that will appeal to the majority of potential homebuyers. To make it simpler to sell in the future, don’t go overboard with the siding colors you choose.

#3 Choosing the incorrect kind of siding

Selecting the best siding for your needs might be difficult because there are so many different options available.

You can choose the best siding for your home by doing a little research on various siding varieties. A major disappointment would be spending a lot of money on the incorrect siding.

One of the least expensive forms of siding for your home is vinyl, but it is readily bent and broken when put under stress. Although stucco sidings are expensive and robust, they will endure a lifetime.

If you need help choosing the correct kind of siding for your home, talk with a siding expert for their advice.

#4 Selecting inexperienced employees

siding installation

You must use experienced siding installers for your siding installation. A siding contractor’s license and insurance should be checked out first. Ask them about their experience and if they can recommend any clientele that they have worked with in the past.

You may learn about the company’s expertise and level of service via online reviews and testimonials. Choose a siding installation business after considering all your possibilities and taking into account your demands. Don’t let inexperienced employees deal with your siding!

#5 Installing everything yourself

Installing siding by yourself

Even though you may have developed a sizable DIY skill set over the years, siding installation is not a task you should attempt on your own. Siding installation is a challenging task that requires knowledge and experience to do successfully. A few YouTube tutorials can’t compare to years of expertise in installing siding.

For the finest results, use a reputable siding installation firm for your siding installation. Leaving it to the professionals assures a flawless result and prevents you from spending money on items you’ll likely never use again.

#6 Crossover siding joints

The installers of your siding should take special care not to overlap the siding seams. Your siding will appear strangely wavy due to overlapping connections. With wavy-looking siding, you most likely won’t wow your visitors and neighbors.

Provide precise guidelines on overlapping seams so that the siding installers can take extra precautions. Your sidings’ overlap at the ends should be one to one and a quarter inches. Anything more than that is excessive and will ruin the appearance of your home.


You should make every effort to avoid making some of the most typical siding installation blunders now that you are aware of them. Keep in mind that the quality of your siding depends entirely on the material you choose. Additionally, for flawless results, always leave siding installation to the specialists.

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