It is all about blooming flowers, growing trees and warm weather in the spring. Spring is also the best time of the year to maintain and clean the exterior of your home. Attention should be given to your deck, especially after harsh conditions of the winter. Weather elements in the cold season can damage your deck. As a result, you must get your deck ready for beautiful springtime weather.

How To Get Your Deck Ready For Spring

Your deck is a part of your home’s exterior and can be used for relaxation, entertaining guests and enjoying the warm and pleasant spring temperatures. However, your deck may need some care after the chilly and long winter season.

The following tips will help you get your deck ready for spring and allow you to make the most of your outside space

Check the connections

Various connections keep components and parts of your deck together. These include metal connectors, screws, rails and other parts that hold the deck together. Ensuring that your deck is safe to use and walk on is the first step on getting your deck ready for the spring.
The normal use of your deck through the years can cause connections to be worn and torn. This can cause them to loosen. These connections must be in good shape because they provide essential reinforcement to your deck’s structure.
Look for warning signs that you have loose connections. Signs like wobbly rails, loose steps or the pulling away of boards connecting the deck to your house are all indications of damage. They suggest that the safety of your deck is compromised. To fix this, tighten or replace all loose connections before you go out on your deck and enjoy the pleasant spring weather.

Look for other signs of damage

Typically, decks are made of wood. However, many types of woods are affected by different environmental factors. These factors can impact their overall condition. Damage to the wood could be from moisture during the summer months. Humidity during the warmer season can also affect them.
Pay attention to signs of wood rot like mildew, discoloration, softer areas and mold. The deck may not be safe if you notice any of these issues. Your foot could go through softer spots of the damaged wood. Ensure that you replace or repair any deteriorated section as soon as possible.


cleaning deck .

To clean grime and dirt away efficiently and quickly, use a pressure washer. While you use a pressure washer, ensure it is set on mild rather than high. This is because the fibers of the wood can be damaged by a high-pressure setting. Remove any mildew spots even if they do not have any impact on the structural integrity of your deck. You can also remove stains using a wood cleaner. Bleach can be used to do this but you must know that it can damage the landscaping around the deck or even discolor sections of the deck’s wood.
Tackling smaller dirty sections can be done using some mild cleaner with a scrub brush.

Add a fresh coat of sealant or stain

Adding a protective layer is one of the final steps in getting your deck ready for spring. Add another coat if your wood is stained. Wood has the benefit of being stained with different colors. As a result, choose a color you like better and then apply the stain if you have grown tired of what you have used before.
You can also choose to apply a fresh coat of sealant once the staining process is complete. Many deck owners regularly use sealant even if the wood is not stained. This helps in protecting the deck against the sun’s UV rays, which can cause the deck to dry and crack. It is recommended that you apply sealant at least every three years if your deck is sitting directly in the sun. This is to protect the wood.

Spray for bugs

Wooden decks can house many insects, including termites. These insects can cause severe damage to your deck. As a result, spray your deck with insecticide or a protective coating in the early spring. Taking action on time will ensure that you do not have problems with a pest infestation in the busy months to come.

Air out your furniture

furniture for your deck .

The right time for you to take all outdoor furniture out of the shed or garage is spring. Furniture that has been locked up for a couple of months will need some refreshing. Take out cushions and fluff them. Allow them to air in the sun for a couple of days before using them. For cushions with a musty smell, give them a new life by using a refreshing fabric spray. All your furnishings should be cleaned using a hose or pressure washer.


Spring is a time of pleasant weather. It is a season you can enjoy with family and friends on your deck. To do so, you must get your deck ready for spring.  Experts from Born Carpentry can help you to prepare your deck for spring and the months to come– in Andover, MN, contact Born Carpentry by calling 612-747-8003.