Do you enjoy having parties outside? Your deck is an addition to your house that enables outside entertaining and a nice place to spend leisure time. It offers the ideal area for cooking, relaxing and dining al fresco. For it to continue providing you with priceless memories, it must be kept in excellent condition.

It’s time to assess the state of your deck as the seasons shift– you should check your deck to see whether it needs to be renovated or replaced.
To determine whether or not you need a new deck, check for these 8 things…

#1 Considerable damage

Every type of construction material degrades with time. Some deck problems, like cracks or missing screws, may be fixed easily, while other deterioration necessitates replacing the entire structure. You will know you need a new deck if you see major deterioration, such as big holes, splintered boards, termite evidence and many other problems.

#2 Loose or bending boards

Lifted or loose boards can provide a tripping danger, and, as the homeowner, you might be held responsible. If you walk across your deck and see any shaky boards, you might need to replace them. As time goes on, joists may become unstable and separate from the ledger board. Boards may become loose and shift as a result of this. The decking may become weaker due to decay, pest infestation or water damage, which can cause the boards to start bending.

#3 Unstable railings

Unstable decks railings

It’s not usually necessary to replace your deck entirely if your railings are loose. However, they pose a significant safety issue that has to be addressed. Additionally, if there are additional problems in addition to the unstable rails, it may be time to repair the deck. You need to have your loose railings fastened as soon as you can.

#4 Rotted wood

Rotted wood deck

Your deck’s rotting wood is a major problem. Wood rot spreads rapidly from one place to another. Your deck’s structure will become less sturdy as a result, and it will eventually decay. Rot in large quantities is a sign that the deck needs to be replaced.

If you spot wood rot, respond quickly to determine how far it has gone. If the problem is isolated, replace the damaged wood with new wood. Next, give the deck a thorough cleaning before applying a premium wood deck sealant to its surface.

It will be wiser to rebuild the entire deck from scratch if the wood rot has severely spread. Ask your contractor for advice on how to maintain your deck to stop further wood rot.

#5 An aging ledger board

The ledger board secures your deck to the side of your home and links it to it. If your ledger board is compromised, your deck as a whole is at risk. Consult a specialist right away if you see any loose fittings or rot starting to emerge on your ledger board.

To avoid water damage and rot from damaging the board, you should also make sure that the flashing surrounding your ledger board is firmly in place.

#6 Damaged posts

Your deck is held up by posts. They sustain a lot of weight, so the stability of your deck depends on their integrity. You can have an issue if the posts have wide fractures or rot damage. Consult a professional for guidance on the best approach to channel water away from the base of the posts if you notice water gathering there.

#7 Broken or rusted hardware

The majority of your deck’s hardware and fittings will be located underneath the deck. Make sure that none of the fittings are missing entirely, are rusted and degrading, are loose or are coated in rust– do this by inspecting the base of your deck. Without the right maintenance or material installation, damage may occur to decks of any age.

#8 Age of the deck

No material used to create a house, especially external materials, can survive forever. Age will always be a factor in determining whether a deck needs to be replaced. Your deck will suffer damage from the weather and environment. Typically, a wood deck will endure 15 to 40 years. If your deck is over 20 years old and beginning to show symptoms of aging, you should start thinking about replacing it.


Hire a professional to evaluate the condition of your present deck to decide whether a rebuild or repair work is necessary. In Andover, MN, you can call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for deck work.