Do you enjoy having barbecues outside? Your deck is an addition to your house that enables outdoor entertaining. It’s a great place to spend your leisure time. It offers the ideal area for cooking, relaxing and dining al fresco. It needs to be kept in top shape so that it can keep giving you a place to make priceless memories. Once a year, usually in the springtime, you should check your deck to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Eventually, there comes a time when you need to replace a deck.

What are the advantages of a deck?

What are the advantages of a deck

Decks give homeowners a place to unwind and host visitors. Additionally, they expand the living spaces of houses to add more space for various activities. Decks are also fantastic places to unwind and appreciate the outdoors.

Does repairing an existing deck make sense?

Does repairing an existing deck make sense

It might not be worth it if the deck needs extensive repairs and is in poor condition. However, it might be worthwhile to fix the deck if it is in good shape but only needs a few little fixes.

The old deck boards can be replaced, the deck framing can be changed, the wood can be cleaned and sealed and new railings or stairs can be added.

If you choose to fix your current deck, make sure to adhere to all installation and assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Finding contractors to work on your project

You’ll need to get the best deck contractors to assist you if you don’t want to repair or replace the deck yourself. When selecting a contractor, there are a few things to take into account, such as the kind of decking material they use and the guarantee they provide.

Ask the contractors what kind of deck materials they would use and if they have any experience replacing decks.

Read the feedback left by prior customers online to get a sense of the contractor’s style.

Before choosing which contractor to hire, request quotations from several different professionals. This will offer you a clear understanding of the project’s cost and the other potential possibilities. Make sure to inquire about the contractors’ previous deck replacement work.


There comes a time in every deck’s “life” where it needs some repairs, or it needs to be replaced. If you think it’s time for deck repairs or replacement, call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003. Born Carpentry repairs and replaces decks in Minnesota.