Longer Warranty and Guarantee

Most homes have shingled roofs, as that is the norm. More people are making the switch to metal roofs. It is easy to see why. Metal roofs last longer than shingle roofs. Shingles are only guaranteed to last twenty to thirty years. Metal roofs will last at least thirty years, if they are properly maintained. The length of time a roof will last depends on how well it is taken care of. With a metal roof, there is practically zero maintenance involved. Shingled roofs often call for replacement shingles, flashing sealants, and other maintenance services. More can be found here. 

Rain on a Metal Roof

Having a roofing contractor put a metal roof on your home will allow you to listen to the peaceful sound of the rain on metal. The sound can lull you to sleep at night. It is a relaxing noise that can promote sleep by blocking out other sounds. Metal roofs are less likely to leak than roofs with shingles. Learn more about Benefits of a Roof Replacement.

Metal Roof on Shingle Roof

It is possible to build a metal roof right on top of your existing shingle roof. You can have double the protection with this method, but not everyone does it. 

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