Roof inspectors are licensed by the North American Society for Roof Inspectors or the NASI. All states require businesses and residential residences to have regular inspections to ensure that the roof is in good condition. It is important to have a roof inspection when you first purchase a home, even if it is a manufactured home because a manufactured home does not always have a warranty that protects you from any defects in the roof. Click here for facts about Andover, MN.

You need to have your roof inspected by a qualified professional every three years in Minnesota, depending on the area you live in. When you have your roof inspected, the professional will take into consideration how the roof is installed, the conditions of the soil around your property, and other factors that might affect your roof. The purpose of a roof inspection is to give you peace of mind that your investment in your home and property is protected. A quality roof inspection will also help you determine whether or not to repair the roof before it becomes damaged so that you can avoid further roofing costs. Click here to read about Why Is A Roof Inspection Important in Andover, MN.