The gutters are one of the most important parts of a house. They protect it from rust, foundation cracks, roof leakage, and other issues. Good working gutters prevent water damage by taking water away from the house.

Gutters that are not working properly can cause several issues in your home that may result in damages.

Signs Your Gutters Need Professional Help

Gutters moving out of position (away from your home) and gutters with holes won’t work properly. Cracked or sagging gutters also need attention. Other visible signs of gutter damage may include finding screws from your gutter system on the ground or gaps between gutter connections.

There are instances where little animals will make your home’s gutter their home. Your gutter will not direct water as it should when there are small animal nests blocking the flow of water.

Having an overflowing gutter is an obvious sign of gutter damage.

Timely repairs when your gutters show any sign of water damage can protect your home against expensive water damages.

Here are 5 signs that you need professional help with your gutters:

1. Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters

Your gutters will not work as they should if they are clogged. To know if you have clogged gutters or not, check if they overflow when it rains or if there is an accumulation of rainwater around your house. Generally, clogged gutters are a result of debris, dust, leaves, and tree branches blocking the flow of water.

If you have debris-filled gutters, Born Carpentry can professional clean them out for you; Call 612-747-8003 to schedule a clean-out.

2. Leaking gutters

Leaking gutters

Sharp branches falling on your gutters can leave holes in them. Rust can also cause leaks in certain areas of your gutters. With loose joints and eroded caulk, water leaks in the gutter can happen. Your gutter needs the attention of a professional when you have leaks. With the use of special sealing agents, a gutter professional will plug the holes. Additionally, some areas of the gutters may be patched with metal flashings. However, this depends on the location and size of the leak.

Door and window frames can rot, and exterior paint can peel as a result of leaking gutters. Any sign that may lead to leaking gutters is an indicator that your gutters need the help of a professional.

3. Gutters pulling away from the house

Your home’s roof base has something known as the fascia boards. Gutter hangers (on which the gutters are attached) are secured on these boards. The gutters may dip or sag whenever the hangers are not well-secured. This moves the gutters away from their normal position, making water drain through the side of the building instead of down the gutter system. The gutters can sag even more when there is standing water in their center. In any of these cases, a professional must be called to repair the hangers. To keep the gutters working efficiently, the professional can replace rotting fascia boards.

4. Loose and ineffective downspouts

In certain situations, the downspouts loosen at the point where they contact the upper gutters. Before securing the downspouts, they must be cleaned by removing all sticks and leaves. Thereafter, they can then be reattached securely to the side of your home and the upper gutters.

A pool of water around the foundation of your home after a rainstorm is a sign that your gutter is not working as it should. Your downspouts will no longer be effective at moving water away from the base of your home when they are too short and not positioned at the correct angle. The attention of a professional is needed in this case to avoid mold, flooding, and soil erosion.

5. Paint peeling around your gutters

Your gutter paint is designed to withstand the wear and tear of different seasons. The paint should not peel off unless your gutters are very old.


Gutters are important to the roofing system of your home. They should work efficiently in any circumstance. In the case that they don’t, you need to check them for possible issues. Born Carpentry of Andover, MN, can inspect, fix or replace your gutters; Call 612-747-8003 to schedule a consultation.