Your roof is an integral part of your house. It protects you from crazy weather conditions, it helps regulate the temperature inside the house and it can help enhance the curb appeal of your house, making it look great in the neighborhood. That said, sometimes you need a new roof. 

What are 5 warning signs that your house needs a new roof?

Here they are : 

#1 The Age Of The Roofing System Of The House

Usually, the average service life of roofs is around 25 to 30 years. Metal roofing material may last for 50 years. But after a certain period, roofs will no longer be useful. Even if you are getting your particular roof repaired and keeping it well-maintained, nothing may help! Therefore, as a homeowner, you should know the exact age of the roof and be prepared to get the new roof once the old roofing system is nearing the end of its service life. When you are prepared, the roof replacement won’t be a surprise for you. 

#2 The Excessive Growth Of Mold/Mildew On The Roof Surface

The Excessive Growth Of Mold on the surface

Generally, due to excessive rainfall or snowfall, water may get collected in certain sections of the roof. Collected water becomes the breeding ground for mold and mildew. You can easily remove mold and mildew with a wide range of washing solutions and chemicals. If the entire roof surface is covered with mold/mildew, though, this is a warning sign. This means that water has penetrated the roof underlayment and transformed the area into a moist place. The excessive growth of moss and mildew shows that the water has been in the roofing system for a very long time. Another thing to be noted is that the wooden underlayment is no longer useful, and… you need a new roof! 

#3 Blown Off Shingles

 Blown Off Shingles of roof

Thunderstorms or hail storms can blow off shingles from the roofing surface. If you notice a large roofing area with missing shingles, this is a warning sign. Missing shingles in larger numbers expose the roof underlayment to harsh weather conditions. It is better to get a new roof rather than repair the old one with many missing shingles. 

#4 You Can Observe Water Leak Issues On The Entire Roof

You generally come across water leak issues during excessive rainfall and snowfall. This is when the water is flowing in an uncontrollable way and the roof is not able to direct it right to the downspout. If you observe water leaks throughout the year, it means that the roof is damaged beyond repair. Water leak issues are very common; If you have a lot of leaks, you might need a new roof. 

#5 You Observe A Sharp Spike In Your Utility Bills

You are used to paying a certain amount for certain utilities, right? If there is a sudden spike in the amount of a utility bill, you might have poor ventilation of the roof and it is not efficient enough to manage the cooling of the air and proper circulation. Therefore, it could be best to get a new roof and bring your outrageous utility bills under control. 


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