When’s the last time anyone went up on your roof to check to see how it’s doing? Maybe you’ve got damages up there that could use some repairs. Experts recommend you keep your roof well-maintained throughout the year.

Here are some tips for roof maintenance that you cannot ignore…

#1 Keep The Roof Clean

Cleanliness is the most crucial factor in roof health. The topmost layer gets exposure to climatic conditions 24/7. Due to this, the roof gets filled with dirt, dust, leaves, critters, branches and other debris. If you do not clean the roof, the debris will stick to the surface of the shingles. Over time, it will trap moisture in the roof. Besides that, it will decay and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. The trapped moisture will seep inside the top layer and destroy the underlayment. Moreover, it will cause water leaks inside the house.

#2 Hire A Professional Roofer For Scheduled Inspections

With regular inspections of the roof, you can identify issues at an early stage. Moreover, you can take immediate action to fix and prevent severe damage to the roof. Professionals will find the underlying issues with the roof that you cannot see with naked eyes. You can hire trusted and reliable roofers in your area.

#3 Fix All Damages

fix all damages

As soon as you know the damages to the roof, it is essential to fix them. Neglecting and delaying repairs will only aggravate the issues. Moreover, fixing the issues will enhance the working efficiency of the roof.

#4 Keep The Gutters Clean To Prevent Clogging

Gutters play a significant role to keep the roof dry and clean. Just like the roof surface, you must keep the gutters clean by removing debris regularly. The collection of debris in the gutters will block water flow and clog the gutters. During winter, the clogging can cause ice dams which exert pressure on the gutters and lead to unwanted cracks.

#5 Trim All The Overhanging Branches Of Nearby Trees

Trees can cause damage to the roof in several ways. High winds can break branches and they can fall on the roof. Besides that, leaves, twigs and the waste of critters (like birds and squirrels) fall on the roof and increase debris on the surface. Meanwhile, branches can scrape and puncture the roof and cause severe damage to internal parts. Regular trimming of the tree branches will help prevent such damages and keep your roof safe in the long run.

#6 Inspection Of House Insulation

House insulation plays a prominent role in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the house. Over time, insulation padding will wear down and lose its efficiency. You can observe the effect of the insulation by checking utility bills– if they’re unusually high, you might have an insulation problem. To protect the insulation, you must keep the roof and gutters clean. Moisture trapped in the roof will lead to the rotting of the underlayment. Moreover, ice dam formation in the gutters will disrupt the functioning of the insulation.

#7 Do Not Let Mold/Mildew Grow On The Roof Surface

mold mildew grow roof surface

The growth of mold/mildew occurs when the moisture in the roof does not dry up properly. Mold can grow at a rapid speed and cover the entire roof within a short period. Mold can lead to water leakage issues in the house. To avoid mold growth, clean the roof with chemical solutions. This will prevent the further growth and spreading of mold.


Keeping the roof well-maintained will help extend its service life and efficiency. Moreover, maintenance is helpful to reduce the frequency of roof repairs and other services. Whom will you choose for roof maintenance work and inspections? Call Born Carpentry of Andover, MN, at 612-747-8003 to do the job!