Your house helps keep you safe from bad weather, and its siding is one of its most important components for protecting the goods (and people) within. Given the outside influences that contribute to siding deterioration, siding is neither impenetrable nor able to resist the passing of time. Sometimes it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Siding is a great way to give your home a long-lasting appearance that resists fading, warping and discoloration while also protecting your belongings. Vinyl siding, in particular, lowers the expense of painting. Your home’s curb appeal is enhanced, raising your home’s value.

What are some common siding mistakes or issues that can happen? Here are some of them…

#1 Pest infestation

#1 Pest infestation

A variety of insects, including carpenter bees, termites and beetles, are capable of attacking different siding materials, especially wood siding. Additionally, creatures like woodpeckers are known to harm siding.

Fortunately, spraying pesticides or applying hot water helps stop pests from harming your siding. Use eco-friendly insecticides on the nearby trees since they can be the source of pests in the area around your home.

#2 Unskilled contractors

#2 Unskilled contractors

Not all siding contractors have the same level of skill in siding installation. If you hire an unskilled contractor to install your siding, it will likely start to show signs of damage in just two years. Be cautious– do your homework on various contractors before choosing the best one. You can look for a contractor online or ask friends and family for referrals. While looking for a skilled siding contractor may seem daunting, the advantages are worthwhile because the contractor will spare you the headache of having to spend money on upkeep.

#3 Moisture retention

If your home is surrounded by plants and the siding contractor neglected to create a waterproof barrier, the siding may become damaged. Buckling, warping or even the growth of algae and mold are warning indications of siding degradation. By appropriately placing your siding so that it has sufficient airflow, you can avoid this issue.

#4 Neglecting regular maintenance

Even though the majority of sidings today are labeled as low maintenance, you shouldn’t overlook maintaining your property. Make sure to perform routine maintenance—ideally once a year.

Additionally, you should perform siding maintenance following inclement weather events like storms. Regular maintenance can help you to identify any damages early on when they are still minor.

#5 Not protecting your siding from bad weather

Your siding may suffer damage due to various weather conditions. For instance, your siding may sustain damage as the winter ice freezes and melts. Similarly to this, a severe wind could produce some siding cracks. Do your best to protect your siding from bad weather.

#6 Improper installation

Mistakes in siding installation could lead to premature siding failures and other issues. The durability and quality of your siding are dependent on the installation provider. Rusty nails suggest that there may be moisture problems with your siding while also generating unattractive streaks. Another siding installation mistake to avoid is using nails that are too tightly spaced. This is because siding needs room to expand and contract as a result of temperature variations. Your siding may bulge, split or warp if it is installed too tightly.

#7 Eliminating paper wrap or foam insulation

Your siding’s foam insulation protects your property from harm, lessens seam problems and reduces noise. The purpose of paper wrap is to protect your walls from dampness. Make sure the surface is dry before installing siding. To stop leaks on your siding, add a second layer of flashing tape to all doors and windows. If you don’t use paper wrap or foam insulation, problems can occur.


Even though most siding is considered low maintenance, it still has to be inspected, especially after bad weather. Issues progressively worsen until you find yourself in an “emergency” position. By setting up a regular maintenance program with your siding contractor, you can spot minor problems before they turn into bigger ones.

The siding of your house is one of the most crucial components for keeping everything inside safe. For expert siding replacement or repair, call the best siding contractor in Minnesota– Born Carpentry– at 612-747-8003.