Your windows should function properly. If they are not working well, then you should consider investing in replacement windows. It is a home improvement project that can add value to your home among other things.

7 Signs It Is Time For A Window Replacement

Windows are important components of your house. They are expected to function properly. With time, old or faulty windows may need repair or replacement. There are always signs that point to this need.

Here are 7 common signs that it is time for a window replacement

1. Drafts

The airtight ability of windows decreases as they age. This results in faulty panes and gaps in the frame of the window, leading cold air through, and into your home. If the gap between the window and its frame is not obvious, and you experience a draft, reach out to a window replacement company to inspect your windows for you.
Furthermore, you should start to plan for a window replacement if you are dealing with a draft. This may not be much of a concern during the summer months but it will be in the winter. Certain rooms will begin having cooler air in the winter. Drafts and cool air can come from other sources too. You should consider window replacement when you notice drafts by your window.

2. Increased energy cost

Windows are not energy sufficient.

The cost of energy is a point of discussion in many households. If you begin noticing an increase in charges over time, you should take a closer look at your windows. If there is an increase in your energy cost even when you are not at home, you should consider taking a look at your windows.
Conserving and reducing the use of energy during peak hours is the secret to lower energy bills. A window replacement could help you alleviate some of these costs. This is because when your windows are at their best, you will use less energy to cool your home in the summer and less to warm it in winter.

3. Outside noise

The coming of spring is characterized by the sounds of construction trucks and birds chirping. These and other sounds should not be heard inside your home. Unlike newer windows, older windows are not able to keep away outside noise because they do not have that quality. With newer and advanced windows, however, your home should be properly insulated against polluting noise.
Moreover, the panes and frames of new windows will be effective at blocking noise from getting into your home. By default, some sounds can get through–  this is natural. However, outside sounds should not be disrupting you inside your home. As a result, you should consider window replacement if you hear noise from the outside world.

4. Difficulty in operating your window

The operation of your window is integral to its usability. This is true especially for awning windows and casement windows. However, the mechanical portions of your windows may become faulty as time passes. This can start to affect the usage of your windows. You should consider window replacement when operation becomes more difficult than it should be.
Several factors can affect the mechanical portions and hardware of a window. This may include moisture in the air, rust or lack of maintenance. Replacing a window that is difficult to operate is an opportunity to spruce up your room. Additionally, the window replacement you carry out will ensure that proper ventilation reaches all rooms.

5. Decaying frames

Window frames are expected to be airtight. This is a difficult thing to maintain over a long time. A massive temperature change is one particular factor that can affect the frames of your windows. With time, even high-quality PVC may decay! Wood frames that used to be the industry standards not long ago usually have issues with rot, mold and sun damage.
Typically, homeowners are encouraged to keep an eye out for signs that their window frames have issues. Some obvious signs to look for include warping around the frame, mold either outside or inside and gaps on any part of the frame. You should call a window replacement contractor to provide you with available options going forward.

6. Condensation

Condensation over a window .

When it comes to your home windows, condensation is not a good thing. However, many homes are susceptible to condensation in the colder winter months. This is because of the freezing outside temperature. There are several reasons for condensation, with some having more significant concerns.
Typically, condensation is due to the issue of heat transfer between the warm air inside and the cold air outside of your home. Nevertheless, you should know that condensation is a natural event. Experiencing it does not mean you have bad windows. However, it is a major issue when you notice frost in your windows. In this case, you should consider window replacement.

7. Visible damage to the panes

The windows are tough components of your home. However, they develop issues as they age, and this happens rapidly. Window panes can be damaged because of water and fogging up. They are not indestructible, and you should consider replacing them due to damage. Temperature swings can also cause visible damage to the panes.
Some other visible damage to your windows may include warping of the glass or cracks in the glass. These are noticeable. These and many other issues will not allow your window to serve its purpose. The purpose of a window includes providing your home with ventilation, light and airflow. You should consider window replacement if these things are not working right.


Window replacement is not a cheap task. However, it is a necessity if your windows are not functioning properly. The signs discussed here are indications that you should consider replacing your windows as soon as possible. In Andover, MN, contact the window replacement experts at Born Carpentry– call 612-747-8003.