Every homeowner desires perfect-looking siding. After all, siding helps enhance the curb appeal of the house. It also withstands all sorts of weather conditions, and helps protect the house from things like hail and snow. If you want your siding to look great and stay functional for a long time, it’s a good idea to check for problems and fix them as needed. 

Here are some common siding problems and how to fix them : 

#1 The Age Of The Siding

Just like the roofing system, sidings also have a certain service lifetime. If you keep using the siding even after the end of its service life, it will not show high functional efficiency and it will also need frequent repairs. 

How To Fix It: You cannot fix the aging process of the siding. The best alternative is to get it replaced with new siding. 

#2 Presence Of Cracks On The Siding

Cracks On The Siding

Usually, when siding is new, it does not have any holes or cracks on the surface. As storms, snowfall, UV rays of the sun and rain hit siding over the years, though, its quality deteriorates. You may see small cracks and fissures developing on your siding. 

How To Fit It: If you come across any such damages on the siding, you can perform small patchwork on the cracks. If you are unable to do it yourself, you can have professionals do the work for you.

#3 Siding Color Fading & Peeling Of The Paint

Sometimes the paint fades away or peels off from the surface. It is essential to protect the siding when the colors fade or paint gets peeled off, since this situation can cause rusting or corrosion to the siding. Rust usually eats up siding and leads to replacement. If you do not want early siding replacement or corrosion issues, fix it before it gets bad. 

How To Fix It: You can apply a fresh coat of paint on the siding surface. Use waterproof paint so that it will remain protected even during rainfall and snowfall. 

#4 Rusty Nails?

Sometimes nails stick out from the siding. This usually happens when the nails are completely corroded, having been exposed to harsh weather conditions. Rusty nails are a sign that there has been excessive moisture damage to the siding. 

How To Fix It: You can replace the rusty nails and bolts with new ones. If there are any missing nails, ideally ask professionals to install new nails. 

#5 Issues With Caulk Cracking And Siding Seams

You can inspect the siding to check if there are any issues with the caulk and seams. If you come across any cracks then you should immediately focus on repairing them. These cracks may develop due to improper installation or weathering. 

How To Fix It: In this situation, ask professionals to fix caulk cracks and/or seam issues. Doing so will help in preventing moisture from entering the house and causing damage.

#6 The Presence of Mold And Mildew On The Surface Of The Siding

Presence of Mold On The Surface Of The Siding

Mold and mildew breed on the siding when moisture gets trapped between the walls and siding. This will damage the siding material and lead to the need for early siding replacement.

How To Fix It:  Use cleaning chemicals to remove the growth of mold and mildew. Ask professionals to carry out an inspection to see if the mold has managed to extensively affect the siding.

#7 Water Leaking Issues Or Water Stains

Water leaks occur when there are cracks in the siding. The water penetrates the walls and can cause damage to ceilings as well. 

How To Fix It: If you ever come across water stains in the house walls and/or ceiling, look for cracks in the siding. You can cover up the crack on your own or have professionals do the work. 

 #8 Material Damage Issues With The Siding

Due to external environmental factors, material of the siding can experience damage. The external factors can be seasonal changes or consistent exposure to UV rays. These things can create holes and cracks in the siding. However strong the material is, the weather and the sun are bound to have some impact.

How To Fix It: Have professionals inspect the siding and determine its actual condition. They can tell you if repairs can be carried out or siding replacement would be needed.


Taking care of your house’s siding is of utmost importance if you want it to be durable and efficient. In Andover, MN, call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for all your siding needs.