Most people don’t think about their roof or bother checking it for damages. Perhaps they do care about their roof if they begin to see a leak. That said, you shouldn’t wait until you see noticeable problems– early detection of issues means early solutions which will save you time and money.

It is advised that homeowners perform roof inspections regularly. This can be done two times every year, both in the spring and fall. A roof inspection is especially important after winter weather has subsided.

Your roof shingles may be damaged. What are some common reasons this may be? What should you or your inspector look for when it comes to roof shingles?

1. Your Roof Is Getting Old

While most roofs have a long life span of 40 to 50 years, others may only last about 20 to 25 years. If your roof has served you long enough and it is near expiration, you will start to notice little problems like a few missing shingles here and there. You will also likely observe dark, dirty, or curling areas on the surface of your roof. If you are beginning to see these signs, and you had the roof replaced over five decades ago, it may be time to get a replacement soon.

2. You Start To Notice Dark/Dirty Areas On The Surface Of Your Roof

You Start To Notice Dark_Dirty Areas On The Surface Of Your Roof

These dark areas will possibly show up when granules start falling off the shingles. Dark stains may also mean the shingles have been invaded by moss or algae growth, and this is not good for your roof.

3. Your Shingles Are Already Missing

Your Shingles Are Already Missing

During a heavy storm or intense snowfall, your shingles may have been damaged badly, and this can be a result of its old age. Do not ignore the roof any longer if you have noticed that shingles are disappearing. When shingles go missing, the area is exposed to certain factors that can lead to your roof leaking.

4. You Will Start Noticing Water Damage Signs Inside Your Home Or Attic

If water has already started entering into your attic or home through incessant leaks, then your shingles are damaged. If this happens, the flashing on your roof is suffering degeneration, or the underlayment of your shingles is inadequate.

Mildew and mold can come about due to inadequate roof ventilation, and this can lead to health problems, and repairs might be a little too expensive. If you are already seeing signs of watermarks in/on your attic or ceiling, the best option is a roof replacement.

5. There Are Sands And Granules In Your Driveway

When your roof’s shingles have been around long enough, they automatically begin to lose the sandy-like granule covering that has protected your home all these years. The granules can wash into the gutters in your home, into your driveway, and/or yard. Contact a trusted roof contractor for a thorough inspection– if the contractor recommends a replacement, then you should replace your roof.

6. Shingles Will Start Popping Up, Protruding, With Exposed Nail Heads

If the nails holding down your shingles begin to pop out of their original places, the spaces and holes where the nails came out from are easily exposed for water to penetrate and cause roof leaks. The damage is often destructive, and you will have to replace your roof soon and carry out regular roof maintenance in the future.

7. Roof Shingles Look Awkward

Shingles that are ruined or have gotten to their expiration dates will begin to show noticeable cracks, blisters, and curls. You might not be able to tell how damaged they are from just staring up at them from ground level. If your shingles are damaged, they have a particularly funny look– they’ve lost their texture and beauty as compared to other roofs in your neighborhood. They will have a bumpy look from the ground.

8. Your Roof Has Started Sagging

When roofs sag, it means they are very weak and therefore deteriorating. Perhaps a sagging roof was not properly installed or it has suffered from heavy snow cover. Roof sagging is a clear indication your roof needs a replacement, and if you ignore this major sign, the roof may collapse soon.

9. You Will Start To Notice Missing Flashing

Flashing safeguards the roof from nasty damages. It is positioned around projections that connect with your roof, like a chimney. If these structures get damaged or broken, you will encounter water leaks in your home.

10. Increase In Heating/Cooling Bills

Your insulation can be damaged due to moisture from a leak. This damage is often accompanied by heat loss during winter. The leak also sends out cold air during summer. If you ignore this problem, your energy bill will get out of hand. Also, insulation issues might mean your home has a damaged or leaky roof and/or attic ventilation.


If your roof is getting damaged and the signs of deterioration keep showing up, don’t ignore them as they may lead to a roof collapse and/or a lot more problems.

Caring for a home is something every homeowner must do. Restore those shingles and give yourself and your family a decent home exterior that will not only bring you safety but also enhance the quality and structure of your home.

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