There is always one thing that when it is damaged in the house, repairing it must be treated with urgency despite the many damages that need to be repaired. A damaged roof is one such repair that you will need to attend first, neglecting every other home damage that may have arisen before time.

Emergency Roof Repair Scenarios

Emergency Roof Repair Scenarios

The roof is a very important part of a house; it serves as a covering and protection from what is above. A home is not habitable when there is no roof over it. This roof, just like every other component that makes up a building, can wear out. Although, you can repair it in some cases or replace it in other cases.

There are scenarios where your roof might have gone bad, but you ignored it because it does not look like an incident that can cause harm to you or members of your home any time soon. While there are other damaged roof scenarios where you will be left with no other option but to attend to it, neglecting all other challenges you are faced with at the time. Also, what may be an emergency to one may not be to another. Although, there are varied emergency roof repair scenarios that qualify to be enlisted here, and they apply to just anyone.

1. A burglar has just broken into your apartment, and he got in through the roof, leaving a visible hole that cannot be ignored. You do not want him to come back, do you? On the other hand, you do not want another burglar to get free access to your home through that opening. It is also possible that rodents or creeping pests will find that open roof habitable.

2. An open roof amid springtime. This is a very serious case, having an open roof during downpour season. There are times when the rain just would not cease for days. It is bad enough that your movements during that period will have to be curtailed, but what makes it worse is when your house, which should be a shelter for you from the rain, is now an abode for the rains. You need to treat this urgently. In some cases, the items in the affected room with the open roof may get damaged if you do not shift those items to another room. Worse of it all is when they are electrical appliances; this is a dangerous situation that should be avoided.

3. Broken/open roof in a special room: workspace/library/kids room

Everyone has that one special or most important room in the house that, in some cases, is not accessible to visitors, in other cases, it is the most frequently visited room, more like, the go-to place for everyone in the house including visitors.

It might be the most treasured room in the house or storeroom. It is either the best room in the house or a room for keeping antiques, foodstuff, or valuables. This room needs to be well secured from intruders, thieves, etc. In a case where a branch of a tree beside the building fell, piercing into the roof of that special room. This is an emergency roof repair case. For that room to be accessible, the tree branch needs to be taken out, and the hole that was created needs to be closed.

4. Having a broken or open roof before or after a hail forecast has been announced. Whether the forecast was made before or after the broken room happened, you really would want to have that roof fixed to avoid any further damages. It could be that before the forecast was made, fixing that roof was not in your plan and budget, but now that the forecast has been made, you may want to consider it as an emergency.

Hail Damage

Having listed the scenarios that apply to everyone, what you need to know are:

1. You need to know that these emergencies can be fixed in very minimal time if only you take the right steps.

2. Avoid climbing up the roof to have a look at it; you can always do that from the floor of the room the accident has occurred.

3. You should go to the affected room in your safety boots to avoid walking on sharp and harmful objects

4. Call any roof repair trusted company and state your emergency. Find out from them how soon they can come to look at the roof and have it fixed. If they are fully booked, have them tell you a quick do-it-yourself step to take that can hold up the damage before they arrive at your home.

5. Call trusted friends or neighbors to come around so that they can assist you in closing the open roof for the time being. You do not want to climb alone only to fall from the roof. Having trusted friends around will help you see what and where you cannot see.

6. Keep your family and valuables away from the affected room and have the room constantly locked until the roofing contractor arrives. This will help curtail the possibility of theft by intruders.

7. Stay alert, have your family members alert too, in the morning, noon and nighttime. Kids should report any suspicious movements or activities that they notice or see happening around the affected room.

8. Pay a visit to the roof contracting company. Request a specific date and time when they can arrive at your house to have the roof fixed.

Steps to take to prevent such emergencies

1. Cut down any tree that is beside your house and has grown above your roof. This will help you prevent future accidents of the wind blowing down the tree branch on your roof.

2. Carry out steady maintenance of your roof. Has it checked occasionally by professional roofers so you can act before any major damage will occur?


These are the things you need to know and the steps to take whenever you are faced with an emergency roof repair scenario. First, see how you can manage the situation as you have your friends or neighbors come by to examine the damage to you, then act.