Besides protecting your living area from the weather, your roof contributes significantly to the outside design of your home. You should think about getting a new roof if your roofing shingles have obvious deterioration and/or you want to improve the appearance of your house. A new roof also helps raise its market value.

Before starting a re-roofing job, keep the following items in mind…

#1 Install Only High-Quality Items

Installing High-Quality Roofing Materials

Avoid using flashing that is known to last only 10-15 years if you want to invest in a high-quality roof that will last up to 50 years. Instead of rubber flashing, which has a limited lifespan, use UV-resistant pipe flashing. You will pay more today, but it will benefit your finances in the long run.

#2 Have A Complete Understanding Of Your Roofing System

Think about the items that make up the entire system, including the roof deck, ice and water shield, flashing, underlayment type and other elements. There are several factors to consider and plan for.

#3 Ventilation Is Crucial

Roof ventilation

Without adequate, balanced attic ventilation, moisture and excess heat can accumulate in the attic and hurt the shingles and/or roof decking by causing damage.

The granules that shield the shingles will fall off if they become too heated, making them susceptible to early degradation.

Make sure your roofing contractor has a ventilation strategy for your roof that is accurately planned and balanced.

#4 Weight Of Shingles

Is a thicker shingle preferable? Theoretically, shingles are more durable the heavier they are. The shingles may become brittle and more prone to cracking, though, if the maker adds too many fillers to make it heavier. Researching shingle manufacturers and being knowledgeable about shingle weight can help you/your contractor choose wisely.

#5 Layering Multiple Shingles

Renovation experts do NOT advise adding more shingles on top of the current ones. Manufacturer warranties can be invalidated if you do this in some situations.

Before re-roofing, all shingle layers must be removed since otherwise it is impossible to assess the structural soundness of the roof deck.
If you install more shingles on top of an existing roof that has structural problems, the problems will only become worse and become more difficult or expensive to fix.

#6 Warranties

Make sure you have two warranties to protect yourself.

You should obtain one warranty from the manufacturer covering manufactured faults and one warranty from the contractor covering installation-related problems when installing a roof.

When installing your new roof, you should deal with a reliable contractor that offers a workmanship warranty. However, you should also look for a supplier who will stand behind their shingles or other roofing materials for as long as feasible.


Born Carpentry professionals are experts in customized re-roofing services and can give your home or business a brand-new roof. If you need to fix a broken part of your roof, we also provide roof restoration services.

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