Whenever your property faces some damage due to fires, storms, or floods, you need to ensure that the restoration process takes place quickly. Timely restoration can help prevent any further damage to your property. There are many myths regarding property restoration and mitigation. What are some of these myths?

Property Restoration Myth #1: It’s Cheaper To Just Buy New

Most people think it’s cheaper to just buy everything new. But, it’s actually less costly to have your damaged home and items cleaned and restored. Professionals can remove all sorts of contaminants, which can help you avoid the need for costly replacements.

Property Restoration Myth #2: People Think That Drying A Home Can Be Complete Only When The Carpets Are Dry

This is a myth because carpets dry much quicker than structural materials! The drying process is complete when all the structural items have dried– such as cement floors and walls. In order to measure the moisture content of a structure, professionals make use of technically advanced sensors and meters. This process should be carried out perfectly since a small loss from water damage can turn into a multi-thousand dollar mold claim.

Property Restoration Myth #3: Most Often People Consider That A Fire-Damaged Home Will Eventually Smell Like Smoke

Most people think that fire damage leaves a lingering smell of smoke in the house. This is only true if restoration work is not conducted immediately after the fire. The soot that remains after the fire can cause more damage to the property as compared to dust or dirt. Hence, prompt restoration is required if you are looking forward to neutralizing the soot. Moreover, restoration will help in reducing the level of damage caused to the property. If you are delaying the restoration work and don’t clean the smoke residue immediately after a fire, the valuables in your home may suffer irreversible damage, due to the acidic nature of smoke particles.

Property Restoration Myth #4: People Think That DIY Is Better And Less Expensive

This myth is only true when damage caused to the property is minimal. It is always better to call professionals who can completely inspect the property and help you determine the level of damage caused. Moreover, they will assist you to get all the restoration work done within no time. Since restoration work is their job, they’ll have the knowledge and tools to do the work better than most do-it-yourselfers. And, for the most part, restoration services are affordable.

Property Restoration Myth #5: If The Carpets Are Cleaned Fast They Will Get Dirty Faster

This was true a long time ago before highly advanced equipment could clean carpets properly. The techniques, equipment, and materials that were used in the cleaning process several decades ago were inferior. This led to inefficient cleaning of the carpets where some of the cleaning solution remained in the carpet. This residue would then attract dirt more quickly than before the cleaning! Nowadays, though, there is advanced equipment that makes the process of carpet cleaning easier and better.


Avoid problems after a fire by utilizing professional restoration services. Focus on getting the property restoration work done as quickly as possible. This will help you protect the property from further damage.