Regardless of the season, it feels good to have high-performance windows. Windows are more than a way for fresh air to get into your rooms. They are essential in maintaining the temperature in your home. However, your windows need to be replaced when they aren’t functioning properly.

Knowing The Right Time To Replace Your Windows In Minnesota

The weather in Minnesota varies a lot. From moderate summers to harsh winters, there are a lot of extremes impacting your windows year-round.

A good window will serve you for years when properly maintained. However, your windows, similar to other fixtures in your home, deteriorate with time. This is mainly because of the wear and tear they experience, and this can affect their effectiveness.

There are some signs that you need to replace your windows. Some of these signs may include…

1. Outside Noise Getting Inside

A window that is not sealed properly will provide little protection from outdoor sounds. The same can also be said of windows that are poorly made. When a lot of outside noise comes into your home, you should consider replacing your windows.

When considering replacing your windows in Minnesota, think about new double or triple-pane windows. These windows are insulated with argon gas that helps minimize the noise from outside. These windows also help if you live on a busy road or in a busy neighborhood.

2. Difficulty Opening And Shutting Your Windows

It is time to replace your windows when you experience difficulty in properly opening and closing them. This is particularly true for older single and double-hung windows. These windows have balance issues. When you open them, the balance is the mechanism that keeps them up. The window will no longer remain up when the mechanism fails. Windows that slam shut because of loss of balance are a potential hazard. Metal and wood windows can also experience this failure. Regardless of the type of window, the time is right for you to replace a window when its balance mechanism fails.

3. Poor Curb Appeal

Replacing your windows can give your home a facelift. This is particularly important when your windows are old and don’t look as attractive as they used to. The appearance of your home can be completely transformed simply by replacing the windows adjacent to your front entry door.

Moreover, replacing your windows allows you to increase their numbers and size. New windows will help increase the energy efficiency of your home, improve everyday enjoyment and boost your home’s resale value.

Transform your home and improve its curb appeals by replacing old windows.

4. Condensation Inside The Glass

If your window in Minnesota has double-or triple-panes, and you notice fog or condensation inside the glass, you should consider replacing it. You may be required to replace just the glass or the whole window, depending on the severity of the issue.

Fog and condensation between the glass panels of your windows is an indication of seal failure. Moisture enters the space in between the glass panes when the seal fails. This results in the condensation of air on the glass. Moreover, it is an indication that the insulated glass meant to be a barrier to cold air is no longer functioning properly when this happens.

5. High Electricity/Heat Bills

You should consider replacing your Minnesota home’s windows when you notice that your electric or heat bills keep increasing. A faulty window will not be able to adequately keep conditioned air inside and outdoor air out. Similarly, during winters, the cold air getting inside will increase the heat consumption. This difficulty in regulating indoor temperature will invariably result in you consuming more energy than usual.

As a homeowner in Minnesota, you are likely already taking measures to minimize the amount of energy you consume. However, if you notice constant oversized bills despite the measures you put in place to keep them down, check your windows. They may be a part of the issue.

6. Drafty Windows

It is a magical feeling for most people to gaze at the enchanting winter snow of Minnesota through their windows. However, it is by no means pleasurable sitting near a drafty window during the winter months. It is the same during the summer too. Drafty windows allow summer heat into your home, and this increases the indoor temperature.

Consider replacing your window with an energy-efficient one when it is no longer able to properly limit the flow of outside heat/cold from getting inside. New energy-efficient windows will ensure that the indoor temperature stays inside and the outdoor temperature stays where it should.

7. The Window’s In Bad Shape

when to replace your windows

The peeling off of paint and weather stripping can put your window in bad shape. Windows that have been nailed shut are a safety hazard. Outdated and flimsy windows can allow burglars to gain easy access in and out of your home.

Replace an old window with a modern one to get a higher level of security against intruders. Modern windows with a higher level of security are the ones with double-strength glass. Unlike standard windows that are prone to breakage, double-strength glass windows are much thicker and more difficult to break.

8. Selling Your House

replacing your windows

You may want to consider selling your home if you have been looking for an upgrade. A cost-effective way to make your home more marketable is by investing in a set of new windows.

Modern windows can increase your home’s value. Replacing your windows in Minnesota would not take much of your time, and you will surely get a good return on your investment when your home gets sold.


You may find yourself wondering whether to repair a window or replace it. Replacing your windows in your Minnesota home is better, especially when they are old and have become inefficient. Do not ignore the signs that a window replacement is needed. Hire Born Carpentry to replace old windows.