A good roof helps to keep your family and everything in your house warm and dry. However, prolonged exposure to snow, ice, rain, wind, and sun can affect your roof. Exposure to any of these natural elements over time can cause your roof to show signs of damage. If left unattended, this can result in issues like water damage to your home.

What Are The Types Of Roof Shingle Damage?

Prolonged exposure of your shingles to extreme temperatures and weather can cause damage to your home, proving costly in the long run. Therefore, here are some types of roof shingle damage you should know about…

Craze Cracks

The mat of the asphalt shingle dries with time resulting in “craze cracks”. It could be a manufacturer’s defect if the shingle exhibits this within a few years of its installation. It is difficult to prevent craze cracks because they occur due to age and wear.

Although craze cracks are common, they are usually not harmful. The shingles do not necessarily need to be repaired or replaced when they exhibit craze cracks.

Manufacturer’s Defect

Defective shingles can be a result of an issue in the process of manufacturing and defects can/do happen from time to time. You can contact the manufacturer to ask to be reimbursed or get your shingles replaced for little or no cost.


Blisters are a result of the escape of expanding volatile gases from the asphalt layer. The top of the shingles may blister and corrode as the gas migrates to the surface. Blistering can be prevented by ensuring that the shingles are not installed over wet surfaces and that the roof is properly ventilated as well.

Once blistering starts occurring, there is no way to stop it. You will need to replace the roof eventually. The roof needs to be replaced right away if the blistering exposes the shingle’s mat.


This is when the shingles of your roof start to curve around their perimeter. You can prevent this by ensuring proper ventilation. Roofs are more susceptible to curling when they have an additional layer installed on a pre-existing layer. You can treat curling by applying more sealant to the corner(s) of the underside of the shingles.


Flaking is a result of weathering of your roof shingle due to extreme age. It leads to deterioration of your roof surface. It is important to replace the roof when it has been used past its lifetime.


Cupping causes waves in the appearance of the shingles. The shingles start to concave from the middle. Ensuring that the shingles of your roof are properly ventilated will help prevent cupping.

Hail Bruises

The shingle’s water-shedding ability is compromised when the shingle’s surface and mat are damaged by hailstones. This is called hail bruising. There is no such way to prevent this damage aside from living in areas where hailstorms are less common. Depending on the kind of damage, you should either replace the entire roof or just the damaged shingle(s).

What Are The Causes Of Damaged Shingles?

Roof shingles fall off for various reasons. The most common causes include hail damage, high winds, installation problems, aging shingles, and/or walking on the roof.

How To Deal With Shingle Damage To Your Roof

The solution to the damaged shingle should fit the problem itself. Shingles damaged by wind should be replaced. Old shingles should be replaced, and if the installation is not done properly, redo it. Here is more info on how to deal with damaged shingles…

Replace Shingles Damaged By Wind

roofing contractor

Wind-damaged shingles often fall off the roof. You can ask a roofer to replace those shingles.

Visually inspect your roof every time there is a major weather event. Search for spots where there are loose or bent shingles. Replacing a lost shingle is not a bad idea. However, replacing them now and then could make your roof look like awkward patchwork.

Correct Poor Shingle Installation

Shingle Installation

If for no apparent reason your shingles are falling off, call the roofer who did the installation for a redo of their work.

A structural issue might be the problem. The roofer can take this issue into account when correcting the work. If you have a warranty, make use of it. The roofer is more likely to repair to your satisfaction to protect their reputation.

Walk Less On The Roof

If the shingles of your roof are damaged due to walking on it, you should simply limit walking on it, or, better still, do not walk on it at all.

Replace Aging Shingles

Shingles may be worn out if they were installed more than a decade ago. Check your records to know the time of their installation. The oil in the asphalt dries out over time, making them prone to damage due to old age.


Your roof must remain in good shape to protect your house from hail, snow, and rain. The shingles of your roof should be able to withstand occasional extreme weather and temperature changes. If you notice that your roof shingles are falling off, get them fixed. If you need damaged shingles repaired or replaced, in Andover, MN, you can call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 or email jesse@borncarpentry.com for more info.