Do you have old, inefficient windows? Is your house drafty and cold in the winter? Maybe it’s time to replace your windows.

Here are some of the benefits of getting energy-efficient windows:

Save Money

Energy-efficient windows will help to minimize your energy bills considerably. Although you may pay more for them at first, they may save you lots of money in the long run.

Better Insulation

Your windows are home components that play a major role in the regulation of your home’s temperature. Windows account for more than a quarter of residential energy usage. This includes both the process of heat gain and heat loss. On a sunny and hot day, the indoor temperature rises while heat is lost from inside the house when it is cold outside. However, these normal effects are exacerbated when you make use of low-quality windows. Your HVAC needs to work harder to regulate the temperature in this case. This results in greater use of energy. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, provide better insulation.

Reduce HVAC Costs

Windows with poor energy efficiency result in more reliance on your HVAC. In the winter months when it is cold, your HVAC works hard to raise the heat. In the summer months when it is hot, it also works hard to lower the indoor temperature. However, having energy-efficient windows reduces the need for your HVAC to work too hard. Furthermore, you will need smaller HVAC units when your windows are efficient. This saves you in terms of cost because HVAC units are expensive.

Improve Your Home’s Value

benefits of energy-efficient windows

It is well known that windows play an important role in the resale value of your home. It can be a worthy investment when you pay to replace your old and inefficient windows with energy-efficient ones.

Opting for a more efficient energy option may be a big investment at first, but you will recoup most of the money back. Moreover, you can still enjoy lower energy bills and better thermal regulation in the meantime.

Fewer Issues Of UV Rays

Natural light coming inside via the windows creates a sense of freshness and space. It is a thing everyone enjoys. However, the sunlight that comes in can fade your upholstery including your walls, curtains and sofas. Luckily, energy-efficient windows will offer better protection against UV rays. With them, you still get the same levels of light but a reduced level of fading.

How To Pick The Best Energy-Efficient Windows

How To Pick The Best Energy-Efficient Windows

Now that the benefits of energy-efficient windows are known, it is time to choose the best windows for your home. All windows are not made the same. They all have different levels of benefits.

Here’s what to look for to get the best energy-efficient windows for your home:

1. The Energy Ratings

The energy rating of a window is the first thing to look for before choosing one. Start by checking if an energy star label is attached to it. This label is the first sign that lets you know that a window passed particular efficiency standards. Look for the NFRC energy performance label on the window. NFRC is an independent body that rates products in specific categories of energy-related performance.

2. Choose The Best Frame

There are numerous types of window frames, coating material and glazing from which you can choose. The U-factor of a window can be affected by the type of frame in particular. U-factor is a rating component that indicates the rate at which non-solar heat flow is conducted by a window. The window’s energy performance will be better when the U-factor is lower. Furthermore, composite, fiberglass, wood and vinyl frame types offer better thermal resistance than metal frames.

3. Number Of Panes

When thinking in terms of efficiency, single panes of glass no longer cut it. They used to be industry standard for years but not anymore. However, you need double glazing these days if you want the best energy-efficient windows.
These days, triple-pane glass is becoming more common. The efficiency increases with more glass panes. However, there is an attached increase in cost to this. This is because more panes are needed for colder areas.

4. Look For Gas Injections And Coatings

A clever transparent coating can add an extra layer of insulation to your window. Coated glass has low-emissive layers. They provide invisible and invaluable extra insulation. They also help prevent heat transfer. Furthermore, they help block UV rays. This also results in less damage to your furnishings and upholstery. The gas-injected glass also has a more insulating effect.

5. Talk To An Expert

Speaking to an expert is the easiest way of getting the best energy-efficient windows for your home. This is because they understand the technology, terminology and qualities of the best windows. There are many factors to consider when choosing windows for specific homes, and an expert can help you make the right decision.


Installing a new window in your home can be costly. That said, it’s not everyday you replace windows. Consider getting energy-efficient ones. Need window work done? Call Born Carpentry of Andover, Minnesota, at 612-747-8003.