Roofing is an essential part of every building. At some point in your life, you will probably need to get the roof of your home replaced.

How Do We Prepare For A Roof Replacement?

When getting your roof done, it is best to have quality, protection, and durability in mind. Ideally, you want the best possible outcome, right? What are some things to keep in mind?

Hire A Trusted Roofing Contractor

Hire A Trusted Roofing Contractor

After you have decided to have your roof replaced, the next thing to do is to choose your roofer. You need someone good enough to take out the current one and replace it with new materials. Look for a roofer with a great reputation. You can ask to see examples of their work. Ask questions and get answers. Trust your instincts.

Your Choice Of Materials

Your Choice Of Materials

When choosing your roofing materials, ensure that you go for something as good as or better than what you are about to replace. If the previous materials served you well, then you can go for those same products or something stronger than that product. Ask questions or possibly go with your contractor/roofer to purchase durable products.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Replacing your roof involves a lot of work, and noise is part of it. You do not want your neighbors complaining all at once that they need their quiet. You should speak to them before the work begins about your plans to change the roof. Let them know the amount of time it will take to get it done and appeal to them to bear with the noise. Be a courteous neighbor.

Keep Kids, Frail Ones, and Pets Away From the Work Area

Replacing the roof is about taking off the current roofing sheets and replacing them with new materials. This involves lots of nails and other harmful objects that may fall on the ground. It is best to keep your kids, old/sick parents, and pets away from the house, if possible, while work is being done.

Change The Location Of Your Vehicles

If you can’t keep your vehicles in a garage, you’ll want to move them far from the house. You do not want zinc, wood, and other roofing materials all falling on top of your car(s) and causing damage. You can ask permission to park your vehicles in a neighbor’s driveway for a couple days or find a place on the street that allows overnight parking while work is being done on your roof.

Make Space For The Roofing Materials

Having contacted your contractor and negotiated a good deal, what you have to do next is to make space in your yard or garage where you will keep the roofing materials when they arrive. Every roofing contractor needs materials to be easily accessible and near the work area.

Have Your Interiors Protected From Damage and Dust

When the roof is being replaced, certain things are bound to happen, like vibrations, dust gathering, metals jumping, etc. Before your contractor begins work on-site, take down artwork from the walls, and safely store them, along with valuables and antiques, somewhere where they won’t get dusty or broken. There is a possibility that dust, wood particles, etc., may be in the air because of having your roof replaced. In order to reduce the impact of these materials on your home, you can use tarps to cover your furniture, appliances, etc., and have your home vacuumed after the process is over.


There are quite a couple of things to do to have your roof replaced. It is a big deal and requires some preparation on the homeowner’s part. In Andover, Minnesota, you can call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 to talk about roof replacement preparations.