Up until a few years ago, homeowners generally installed new windows in their homes, and it was a small and fairly easy task for them. Most installations included the following steps: setting the area, checking the level, square it up, insert nails, use spray foams, and rinse afterward. However, there are currently new ways in which you can install your windows.

Today’s window installation is quite different; The modern way of installing a window is done so that water is allowed to roll out if it finds a way in.

Tips on how to install modern windows will be shared in this post…

Be Careful With Common Problems

First of all, be careful about siding installation mistakes. If the wood surrounding the window opening is beginning to rot, that will be a huge problem, so you have to make sure that the wood is firm enough to hold the new window. Measure the sides and make sure it is an accurate square. For precision, take off the inner trims.

To ensure that your new window fits the old space, avoid buying an oversize window. Make sure to order an appropriate size for your replacement. It is better to get a smaller size since you will only have to resize the window opening to fit the smaller window.

Prepare The Working Area

The moment you are ready with your materials and tools all gathered to get to work, prepare the area. Fixing the window will bring about a lot of dust and debris from filing the wood. You can cover other items in your house or remove them to bring them back in the room when the project is over.

Get Rid Of The Old Window

Get Rid Of The Old Window

You can remove the old window by using a pry bar or hammer to knock off the inside and outside areas of the will plates, window casing, and window trim. While prying off, take precautions not to damage the trim if you still intend to use the trim on your new window.

If there is any hard substance holding the window in place, make sure to get rid of it. As needed, remove nails or screws around the inside lines and outside the window trim. Use a pry bar to pluck them out.

If there are caulks or paints in the seams of the old window, remove them using a sharp object like a knife or razor to break the seam and use a pry bar to remove the seams from the interior of the window. When you do this, the window will come loose, and you can bring it out and put it aside.

Prepare The Window Opening For Your New Window

Now that your window is removed, make sure that the surface of your window opening is squared and plump. Hence, you must have a vertical stud and a horizontal header, and they must match the sizes of your new window. If the sizes do not match your new window, you may have to measure out new boards, cut them out using a table saw, and make sure you create an extra inch gap on all the sides between the window opening and your new window. This leads you to the final modifications and/or final adjustments. Strip away any house wrap. By doing this, the window frame will be easily set on wood. If you want, you can still use the house wrap for waterproofing your window later on.

Installing The Window

Installing The Window

To install the window accurately, dry-fit it first to make sure it is a perfect fit. First, apply beads of silicone in a generous quantity. Do this around the circumference of the external window opening, where the new window rims join the external siding.

Fix the new window by adjusting it with shims to level the window frame in the open space. The moment the window has been fixed and leveled, obtain screws and drill through, following the manufacturer’s manual. This will set the window in place. Additionally, to ensure you have tightly sealed your new window against all weather issues, remove house sidings around the circumference of your window. When you do this, attach flashing tapes on the window and in your house. However, this can be a tacky experience if you are replacing a window that already exists.

Insulate And Finish

After your window installation has been successfully done, get foam insulation and fill the gaps between the window opening and the new window with air. While you clean up the area, allow the window to dry.

Put things back in order, organize all working tools, and set them in their rightful places. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of debris and sawdust. Once the foam has dried up, trim off the extras. Now, your new window is ready.

If your old window was made of glass, you may want to consider replacing the glass… not the entire window. If your window frame condition is still intact and you are contemplating whether to remove it or not, you can decide to replace the glass instead if you only have a problem with leaking glass, rather than do a whole installation which is more expensive.


If you cannot install your new window on your own, you can always get a professional contractor to do the job and ensure perfection. In Andover, MN, call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for window removal or installation services.