Minneapolis, MN is the largest city in Minnesota. It lies on both sides of the Mississippi River and is west of St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota.

Minneapolis is just north of where the Minnesota River joins with the Mississippi. Andover, MN  information can be seen at this link.


You might not think of Minneapolis when you think of a music lovers paradise.  But surprisingly many famous artists had their beginnings in Minneapolis.  For example, Prince was born in Minneapolis and lived in the area most of his life.  He learned to operate a synthesizer there for his first album. Two underground hip hop acts – Atmosphere and Manny Phesto – used Minnesota is many of their lyrics.

The Minnesota Orchestra is also a popular attraction for music fans.  This orchestra actually won a Grammy Award for their performance of Sibelius: Symphonies 1 and 4. Discover facts about Cedar, MN:  Lakes Abound.


Only New York City has more theatre companies per capita than Minneapolis.  Some of the more famous theatre companies are Blackout Improv, Brave New Workshop, and Minnesota Dance Theatre. The Guthrie Theater is the area’s largest theater company and has a complex overlooking the Mississippi.  So, if you’ve been waiting for your opportunity to see some new theater productions, now is your chance while you are in Minneapolis.

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