Mistakes to Avoid When Having New Siding Installed

The siding of your house plays a vital role in protecting your home. Your home siding can transform the look of your house and also protect it from harsh weather conditions while adding value to it. Therefore, it is crucial to get your home siding installed properly. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is that they wait until the last minute to get their siding installed or repaired.

When Is The Ideal Time To Get New Siding?

Spring is the best season to have siding installed. The weather conditions are generally quite favorable for the installation work to be done. While you are getting your home siding installed, you should avoid any kind of other maintenance work on your house, as siding needs to be the focus.

To get the best result from your home siding investment, avoid these common pitfalls of home siding installation with our tips…

Mistake 1: Choosing Low-Quality Or Cheap Products:

When buying siding material, you should focus on high-quality products because they remain strong for a longer period of time. Cheap products need frequent repairing, and tend to need replacement within a short span of time. A homeowner should generally go with either vinyl or aluminium siding. These siding materials are quite popular and have good advantages.

The product you choose should be branded and have a proper warranty period. Warranties for house siding are available for both the installation aspect as well as the product.

An installation warranty, also known as a workmanship warranty, ensures that the siding is installed in a way that meets manufacturer’s specifications.

Product warranties can vary depending on price points and performance characteristics. Nowadays, the best warranties are available for composite siding products because they are manufactured in order to withstand any environmental extreme and require virtually no maintenance.

Do Not Ignore The Weather Aspect: While choosing the siding, your final decision must not only be based on its aesthetic appearance but also on the weather aspect of your residential area. It is important to consider the amount of/types of moisture and local climatic conditions of your region.

Mistake 2: Not Hiring A Siding Professional for the Job

Siding installation is serious work and the protection of your house is dependent on it. You need to hire professional and trusted siding contractors. Professional contractors are highly skilled and have specialized training in their field. They can take complete responsibility for their work and get it done within a stipulated time. Not giving preference to professional siding contractors is the most common mistake a homeowner makes. The allure of shaving a few dollars off the budget is often too much to resist and should be avoided.

Mistake 3: Not Using An Underlay

Having a proper underlayment is essential because it will protect the walls and doors from moisture. Without underlayment, the siding is less resistant to moisture and less resilient to bumps and scrapes. The underlayer protects the siding, keeps it dry, and prevents damage caused due to moisture. Besides this, your doors and windows should have a layer of flashing tape installed in order to protect the siding from any leaks.

Mistake 4: Improper Nailing Technique

When you are getting your siding installed, you must ensure that the nailing is performed accurately. Carelessness during the nailing technique can ruin the entire siding installation process. Sometimes it can also lead to gaps in between the siding. These gaps will eventually lead to moisture damage. While examining the installation process, see to it that nail heads do not appear on the outer surface of the siding. If the nail heads are not covered properly, then your siding will trap moisture and cause damage.


When you are having new siding installed for your home, watch out for all potential pitfalls. In addition, it’s important to hire a reputable siding contractor because siding installation mistakes can lead to premature siding failure and other issues. The quality of your siding depends on the quality of the company installing it. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you have beautiful, attractive, and durable siding for your home.