The exterior of your home is the first thing people notice. A damaged outdoor deck will make your home look less appealing. You will save money when you simply repair a worn-out or damaged part of your deck. You should consider repairing your deck if it is showing major signs of wear and tear even when the structure is still intact.

Here are some indications that you need to repair your outdoor deck:

1. Rotted Wood

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Rotting or mold is common in wood. This is especially common in moist climates. If the wooden panels of your deck have mildew or rot, replace the individual pieces. However, you must carry out a full replacement if the decay is spread throughout your deck.

Furthermore, check the wood posts for the lumber grade. This will let you know if you have a durable foundation. You should replace your deck with wood composite if it is made of redwood or cedar. There is also the need to drive engineered or pressure-treated wood further into the ground during repairs.

2. Cracked Deck Boards

If you notice any cracking or splitting planks, repair them. The variation of the outdoor temperature over time may cause the boards of your deck to fluctuate. This causes them to dry out and split over time.

Furthermore, splinters are also a sign that your deck is losing its stability. The splinters could even injure your hands and barefeet. However, it is safer to replace the whole deck when you find that most of the boards have cracked.

3. Shaking Railings

Your railing is a major component of your deck. However, a shaky railing can be a safety hazard to you. Furthermore, ensure that the rest of the deck is not damaged before you tighten the handrails. You may need to invest in a new deck if there are problems with the foundation.

4. Rotting Support Beams And Posts

You should only build wood decks on sturdy surfaces like concrete. This is because your deck’s posts can be ruined by moisture from the soil. Additionally, check the footings of your deck for decay signs. This will also let you know if you need to repair or replace it. The replacement may be required when you have framing posts elevated above the ground.

5. Rusted Hardware And Nails

Your wood deck is old if you notice metal hardware or rust around your nails. This indicates that a repair is required. Your deck’s structure may be weakened by corrosion. You should change out any rusty hardware. This will help to prevent further issues with your deck.

When You Should Replace Your Outdoor Deck

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You can make changes to your deck to preserve its appearance. However, replacing it is needed if you’ve got structural safety hazards. Additionally, you should invest in a new deck if the cost of repair is the same as updating the entire thing.

Here are some indications that you need to replace your deck:

1. Weak Beams And Joists

The beams and joists help create a sturdy platform for your furniture and guests. This is because they hold up your outdoor living space. To know if a replacement is required, check for signs of softening or rotting wood at the bottom of your deck.

Additionally, try examining if there is a shift in the foundation. If you find out that you have an unsteady deck surface and it can easily be dented in the joists with just a screwdriver, you must update your deck.

2. Failing Ledger Boards

Your decking will separate from your house if you have failing ledger boards. This could also allow the development of moisture in your decking. Take a good look at your ledger boards for space between the deck and your home.

You should also walk on the surface checking for wobbly or warped deck boards. You must immediately replace your decking if you find these failings. This will also help protect your living space from damage.

3. Lack Of Ledger Flashing

The ledger attaches your deck to your home. Ledger flashing prevents water from getting between it and the house. One of the leading causes of deck deterioration is water buildup. You must avoid it.

Furthermore, ensure that you inspect your outdoor living space for indications of warping or rotting. This will help you determine if replacing the framing is required.

4. Weak Post Connections

For a sound structure, the deck’s posts should be underneath the beams or rim joists. However, exposure to elements can cause their rot. To ensure that the fasteners are in the right place and there is no rot, you must often inspect your posts.

Weak post connections can break abruptly, without warning. For this reason, you should invest in a safer option.

Furthermore, you should replace the whole deck if your posts were incorrectly installed or its foundation has shifted.


The outdoor deck is perfect for relaxing and having a good time with family and friends. It is a wonderful extension to your home. However, your deck is only as good as the shape it is in. Its structure can be severely affected by weather, time and lack of regular maintenance. Therefore, you must regularly inspect your deck to know when to repair or replace it. Need deck work done? Call Born Carpentry of Andover, Minnesota, at 612-747-8003.