A house’s siding is one of the main elements that contribute to the home’s safety. The siding of a home not only maintains its visual appeal, but it provides much-needed weather resistance. Your house’s siding selection can also say a lot about your personal taste and style, while at the same time being one of the most crucial components of safeguarding your house.

A home’s siding not only provides longevity, but it adds that protective layer to the exterior of the house. Therefore, the slightest damage to your home’s siding increases the risk of harm to your house’s structure, your family and your entire property. You may be able to address siding problems sooner than later and save money in the process. Every homeowner should be aware of warning indications.

Here are some siding problems and how to prevent them from happening to your home…

Siding Problem #1: Pests

The Problem: Obviously, wooden siding is extra vulnerable to insect damage. Siding made of wood is extremely weak, and a wide range of pests including termites, carpenter bees and even woodpeckers may dig through and harm your siding in search of safety or food.

The Solution: Pests can be eliminated and prevented using pesticides or hot water sprayed through a nozzle. In order to deter pests while safeguarding the surrounding vegetation, it is crucial to utilize eco-friendly treatments on the trees surrounding your home as well.

Siding Problem #2: Excessive Moisture

The Problem: Your siding may be warping or buckling, which is a clear indication of dampness. It can be the consequence of faulty installation or damage.

The Solution: If excellent vinyl siding is properly installed, you’ll experience its resistance to heat, moisture and UV radiation.

Siding Problem #3: Poor Installation

installing siding

The Problem: Not all contractors have the same level of skill when it comes to installing siding. If you hire an under-qualified installer to hang your siding, it will likely start to show signs of deterioration in no time.

The Solution: Be particular. Do your homework. Research your contracting company before choosing the finest one. The professionals at Born Carpentry have a well-earned positive reputation for high-quality work. You can also ask friends and family for referrals. While looking for a skilled contractor may seem overwhelming, the advantages are worthwhile, because the contractor will spare you the headaches and additional costs in the long run.

Siding Problem #4: Poor Maintenance Habits

The Problem: Even though the majority of siding nowadays is labeled as low maintenance, it’s important not to overlook regular maintenance of your property. Homeowners are busier now more than ever, but repairs are easier made the sooner it’s discovered they are needed.

The Solution: Make sure you perform routine maintenance– ideally once a year. Additionally, you should do maintenance following inclement weather events like storms. Regular maintenance can help you to identify any damages early on when they are still minor.

Siding Problem #5: Adverse Weather Conditions

The Problem: Your siding may suffer damage due to various weather conditions. For instance, cold weather, snow and ice can solidify siding causing it to split or break. Similarly, severe wind can produce siding fractures.

The Solution: The best approach to stop any weather-related damage is to hire a professional to perform regular maintenance services. A stitch, in time, really does save nine!

Siding Problem #6: Fading

The Problem: The sun’s UV rays have the potential to stain, giving your siding an unattractive, warped look.

The Solution: When installing or restoring your siding, choose non-fading or fade-resistant materials or colors.

How To Avoid Siding Issues

How To Avoid Siding Issues

Working with a competent siding contractor with the required qualification licenses and expertise will help you prevent these siding issues and more. Ask for recommendations and look at their website for images of completed projects.


Sometimes your siding will need to be repaired and replaced. Born Carpentry has the best professionals to help you with this work. Call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for more information.