St. Francis, MN is city about 37 miles northwest of Minneapolis on Minnesota State Highway 47.  Nestled along the Rum River this community combines a nice rural feel while being not too far from the big city. The Rum River offers fun for canoeing and fishing fans. Click here for facts about  Andover, MN .

G. Leathers House

In St. Francis you can visit a huge beautiful Victorian House called the H. G. Leathers House.  The architecture is simply lovely and has an interesting history.  In 1858, Henry Leathers used this house as both his family home and as a general store, supplying everything frontiersmen needed.  He even sold whiskey which was unusual for the time.  He was also unusual as he would trade firewood for goods.  Through his long life, Leathers served several different positions in the town from pharmacist to postmaster to car dealer. Click here to read about Wyoming, MN:  Lots of Outdoor Fun. 

Pickerel Lake

Located within Lilydale Regional Park you can spend a great day fishing at Pickerel Lake.  Due to its connection with the Mississippi River, this 108 acre lake is full of bluegill, black crappie, northern pike, freshwater drum, Bowfin, Bullhead and the ever popular Largemouth Bass.  Fishermen like Pickerel Lake for the shorefishing—you don’t even have to have a boat to enjoy fishing Pickerel Lake. 

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