You can classify storms into various categories. Based on their atmospheric disturbances and the severity of the climatic change, storms can take multiple forms. Regardless of whether it’s a thunderstorm, hailstorm, high winds, or hurricane, storms are a nightmare for homeowners. Roofs are designed and built sturdy enough to withstand various climatic conditions, but over time, roofs deteriorate in efficiency, strength, and durability.

Storms cause severe damage to a roof. Different types of storms have unique characteristics. Based on these factors, you can analyze the catastrophe a certain storm may cause to your roof. Sometimes, you can repair the roof and overcome the damages. Unfortunately, sometimes the damages are beyond repair! Replacing your roof or “re-roofing” is an expensive task. You need to have an understanding of the different types of storm damage in order to take proper measures; This can save you time and money.

Below are listed the types of storms and what impact they can have on roofs…

#1 Storms That Cause Wind Damage:

Wind Damage

Wind damage can take place when gusts or steady winds exceed 60 to 70 miles per hour. These gusts of wind can have a severe impact on your roof. Tornadoes and hurricanes can be classified in the list of high-velocity wind storms.

Due to high winds, shingles blow off from the surface of the roof. This exposes the underlayment and increases the risk of damage to the structural integrity of the building. Another thing to look for is a collection of granules in the gutter. The granules present on the shingles offer protection and reflect the UV rays. Strong wind has the potential to lessen the effectiveness of a roof’s shingles, rip the shingles off entirely and develop cracks, holes, blisters, and bubbles in the roofing materials. High winds have an impact on the other components of the roof as well. They can cause damage to the flashing, ventilation, gutters, soffit, and fascia of your roof.

#2 Hail Damage Caused To The Roof:

Hail damage occurs due to hailstorms. The size of the hailstones can vary from small to large. Smaller hailstones usually do not cause severe damage to the roof, but large hailstones have the potential to create dents and holes in the shingles. To analyze the extent of your damage, check the cracks and holes present in the shingles and roof underlayment. Moreover, you can look for dent marks left by hailstones on the vents and roof pipes.

#3 Water Damage Caused To The Roof:

Water Damage Caused To The Roof

Storms bring rain, hailstones, debris, etc. This rainwater causes different types of damage to the roof. Water collects in any dents present on your roof.

Stagnant water can be the cause of mold and mildew growth on a roof. In addition, the water can infiltrate inside the house and cause damage to the ceiling and walls. Water can also clog the gutters and lead to the formation of ice dams. The debris from the storm often gets collected in the gutters, which can block the flow of water. The build-up in the gutter will increase unless you clear it. It will exert pressure on the gutters and cause cracks. Sometimes, the gutter even gets dislodged from the roof.

#4 Damage Due To Impact:

Most often, roofs have an impact-resistant design. But can a roof withstand the impact of an entire tree or a branch? Not usually!

The falling of a tree branch or tree collapse can cause damage beyond repair. It can lead to roof sag or entire roof collapse. Trees and branches may not be the only things threatening your roof. Debris can be anything that comes along in high winds and falls on your roof. There is always a threat in the minds of the homeowners about debris damage during storms. They are worried about protecting their house and roof in such harsh climatic conditions.


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