With the change of seasons, every homeowner needs to ensure that they carry out tasks that will maintain the overall condition of their house. For instance, you might have prepared a list of tasks that you need to do when winter approaches, such as cleaning the siding, trimming back the garden, storing patio furniture, etc. But there is something that most homeowners forget to add to their to-do list— cleaning the gutters. Why is cleaning the gutters as essential as cleaning other components such as the roof and siding? Having a perfectly functioning gutter is essential for the roofing system. If you are not cleaning the gutters regularly, the roofing system may develop a lot of issues. The clogging of gutters is a common problem that every homeowner faces once in a while. 

There are certain key reasons as to why cleaning gutters is important.

Here they are, one by one :

#1 Cleaning The Gutters Will Help Prevent Damage To The Foundation Of The House

Clogged gutters can have a negative impact on the foundation of the house. The water from the gutters that overflow can reach the foundation soil of the house and may erode it. You need to ensure that you do not compromise the safety and security of your house just because of an  unclean gutter. The stagnant and collected water around your house will freeze in the winter and can cause major water flow difficulties. If you want to avoid such scenarios, make sure your gutters are clean. 

#2 Cleaned Gutters Help In Preventing Flooding Of The Basement

clean gutters

When the gutters are not cleaned regularly, debris will collect in them and prevent water from flowing down through the downspout. This may lead to flooding in the basement. In addition, the water flowing from the gutters may cover the walls with moisture and lead to the growth of moss, mold and mildew. When you keep the gutters clean, there will be no debris to stop the proper flow of the roof water.

#3 Clogged Gutters Will Cause Water Leak Issues On The Roof

When the gutters are not clean, the improper flow of water will cause problems to the roofing system. The stagnant water remains in the gutter for a long time and may overflow and begin seeping in through the ceiling and walls. This water can damage the ceiling and walls by creating water stains on them. Moreover, in a short period of time, you can see the growth of mold and mildew on the walls and ceiling. Standing water will rot the wood used in the building materials of the roof and walls.  

#4 Clean Gutters Help In Protecting The Roof

clean gutters helps in protecting roof

Do you think that the basement is the only area of your home that can get damaged due to clogged gutters? No– the roof can also sustain damage. When water is not flowing through the gutters, the excess water coming from the roof does not have space to flow out. During the winters, this water can freeze to create ice dams. These ice dams are heavy and exert pressure on the roof. Sometimes, the pressure is so high that it can develop cracks on the surface. If left unattended, the gutters may even collapse.

#5 Clean Gutters Will Prevent Damage To The Fascia Section Of The House

Fascia is attached on the top of the gutters and below the roof. It is the intersection point between the roof and gutter. If water gets clogged, it can damage the surface of the fascia and rot the wood. Usually, homeowners are aware of the fascia and how to protect it. But if the gutters remain uncleaned for very long, it will cause problems to the fascia. The fascia is also a part of the support system of the roof. So if the fascia gets damaged, there is a high chance the roof may collapse. 


Now you know why it is essential to keep the gutters clean and unclogged. You can schedule regular roof maintenance and inspections with professionals as part of each winter’s preparation to-do list. Professionals will ensure that your gutters remain clean throughout the year and do not lead to any roofing issues. They will have all the equipment needed to safely and efficiently clean your gutters. They can also inform you if they come across any issues with your roof. Call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for all your gutter needs.