Nowadays weather conditions are changing frequently and can cause terrible damage within the blink of an eye. A severe storm can completely devastate the lifestyle of inhabitants of a house and the property where they live.

A storm does not necessarily have to be a tornado or a hurricane to cause destruction to your home. Recovering from severe storm damage can be challenging.

Staying Safe: Before performing any inspection for damage, you must make sure that your safety is considered.

  • Watch out for hazards such as damaged electric plugs, broken materials, and exposed nails.
  • Broken or damaged power lines are energized and dangerous– you must stay away until restoration professionals take care of them.
  • Notify the gas company and authorized professionals to help ensure your safety

Hiring A Professional Restoration Service Provider: To accomplish restoration work, it is essential to hire professional, trusted, and experienced storm restoration contractors. They fix your home and help give you back peace of mind regarding your property.

With poor or incomplete restoration work, you can put your family’s health at risk, so be careful when choosing the best restoration services.

Get Quick Restoration: Storm damage restoration services will help you with quick restoration by giving a proper estimation of the damage and restoration work that needs to be done.

Assessing The Damage: If you can, assist professionals in assessing the damage caused to different parts of your house.

Inspecting The Entire House: 
Since the roof is so susceptible to extensive damage, you should check for…

  • Missing, loose, or damaged shingles
  • Holes in the roofing or flashing area
  • Cracks and broken lines
  • Leakage and water damage
  • Dents in the gutter
  • Damage caused to doors and window panes
  • Missing paint, broken siding/bricks

Remove Damaged Furniture And Other Materials: 

Due to storms, there can be tremendous damage to things inside the home including wooden furniture, carpeting, and cabinets. You may need to get rid of damaged materials in order to make restoration work quick and easy.

Prevent The Growth Of Mold And Mildew: It is important to fix storm damage as soon as possible. Fixing the problem area will free your house from having unwanted and uncontrollable growth of destructive mold. Mold can destroy household things and also cause health issues such as asthma and headaches.

Proper And Timely Insurance: You must immediately notify your insurance provider regarding the storm damage caused to your property. He or she will assist you in the subsequent steps that help in making the claim. Your agent will be in constant contact and coordinate the restoration work.

Points To Consider:

  • Have proper images (photos) of the damage as proof to show the insurance agent.
  • Check what things come under the insurance claim.
  • Work with your agent to get insurance documents ready.


Since storm damage can cause more complex problems at home, it has to be handled by experts. If you have to deal with storm damage in Minnesota, choose to work with storm damage restoration professionals such as Born Carpentry— we provide the best storm restoration services in Minnesota. Call 612-747-8003.