Roofs are an integral component of every house. Roofs are the first line of defense against all external environmental factors and changing climatic conditions. Homeowners cannot predict whether or not their roof will be damaged by various weather conditions, but if your residential area is prone to storms, then your roof is at high risk.

When roofs are hit by a storm, they can undergo structural damage. This damage includes shingles dents, water leaks, mold growth, etc. Until professionals inspect the roof after the storm, you may not know the actual condition of the roof.

Sometimes homeowners can take things into their own hands after a storm. What should you do if you suspect severe damage to your roof after a storm?

According to roofing repair and storm damage restoration experts, you can follow the following steps to handle storm damage on your roof. These steps will help you understand the damage to your roof and how to recover from it.

#1 You Should Assess Roof Damage After The Storm:

Roof Damage inspection

The first step to managing roof damage after a storm is to assess the damage.

While assessing the damages, you can get help from your insurance company. Perform the assessment in daylight. While inspecting the roof, take photos of the damage. This will help with your insurance claim.

While assessing the roof damage, maintain your safety. You should use safety gear like gloves, shoes, and goggles to protect yourself from an accident. Use a heavy-duty ladder to climb the roof. If you find this difficult, let professional roofers handle the assessment of the roof.

#2 You Can Try Out Temporary Solutions Until The Professional Roofers Step In:

When a storm hits a residential area, the demand for professional roofing contractors increases. Getting immediate service can be a bit difficult. In such a situation, you should not panic, but try to provide small solutions… You can cover up the interior, turn off electrical appliances, cover the roof with a tarp, and more; When professional roofers take charge of roof restoration, they will take it from there.

#3 Inform The Insurance Company As Soon As Possible:

You must inform your insurance company of the damages before the storm damage roof restoration starts. They will assess the damages and take pictures of it. Moreover, keep all your documents ready to file the insurance claim. The professional roofer and storm damage restoration contractors will prepare a detailed report of the damages. Claiming insurance is essential so that you do not have to come up with a large sum of money in an emergency situation.

You need time and peace of mind to make informed decisions. Therefore, the insurance company can help you to cover the cost of storm damage.

#4 Always Hire Professional Roofing And Storm Damage Restoration Professionals:

Hire Professional Roofing Professionals

It is the most crucial thing you need to do to protect your roof in the long run. You cannot let unprofessional and inexperienced roofers handle the storm damage repair on your roof. Such repair and replacement work require experienced and skillful professionals.


The roofing and storm damage restoration professionals of Born Carpentry offer quality services at affordable rates. All you need to do is to contact them to get started. They will also help you with the insurance claim(s) to cover your roofing damages. Born Carpentry is in Andover, MN, and can be reached by calling 612-747-8003.