When a window develops obvious defects or loses its effectiveness due to deterioration and usage, it’s probably time for replacement.

When should you consider window replacement? Here are some things to consider.

Windows Are Cracked Or Panes Are Broken

Windows Are Cracked Or Panes Are Broken

If you have a crack in a window or its pane is broken, there’s a chance the window could totally break, fall out of its pane, and/or shatter. For your safety, have it replaced.

Windows Fog Up Frequently

If you have been noticing fog on your window or condensation on the glass of your window, then it is likely that the seals have been damaged. If and when the pane seal is damaged, you get problems. You might have mold growth.

The wood around the window can deteriorate. It’s best to replace windows that show consistent condensation since they are no longer effective.

Warped Windows

Windows shouldn’t be warped. If you light a candle and move it slowly around the corners of a window and the flame flutters, that tells you that air is finding its way into your house when it shouldn’t be! You could use weather strips as a temporary fix, but inevitably, you’ve got “warped windows” that no longer have the shape that works well and thus need replacing.

Windows Look Faded From The Outside

Windows Look Faded From The Outside

Wind, rain, and sunlight are harsh on outdoor materials like windows and can cause severe damage to them in the long run. If you look at your windows from the outside and they seem faded or just plain old and ugly, it might be time to consider new ones.

Windows Are Painted Shut Or Hard To Open And Close

In most old homes, windows seem difficult to open and close due to one reason or the other. These types of windows need to be replaced. God forbid there’s a fire but people can’t get out of the house because they can’t get the old window open.

You Want To Save On Heating And Cooling Bills

If your house is old you are probably paying high heating and cooling bills because you don’t have efficient windows.
If you want to save money on utility bills, check out window replacements that are good enough for a modern house because contemporary windows are energy-efficient. They are more durable than the windows of 20 to 40 years ago.

Double or triple panes have a temperature that insulates the glass and leaves the house warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months. There are new technology-infused window frames and good methods of installation to tighten the window properly.


If you’ve got old, inefficient, worn-out windows, then it’s time for window replacements. Windows aren’t meant to last forever. Some people assume they never have to change/replace a window, but the reality is that weather, temperature changes, installation mishaps and more can all contribute to the need for new and improved windows.