The roof is the most essential part of your house. It protects your family from extreme weather conditions. Roofs are generally strong, durable, and have a long service life. Interestingly, homeowners tend to neglect them. A roof inspection seems to only take place when there is something wrong with the roof or if water stains are seen in the interior part of the house.

Experts recommend that a homeowner get their roof  inspected after every season. Why is it important to get the roof inspected after every season?

#1 Every Season Takes A Toll On The Roof: 


During summer, the roof has to bear an extremely hot temperature. Moreover, the humidity in the atmosphere makes it even more vulnerable to mold, moss, or mildew. This also happens when the moisture content in the air gets collected all around the roof corners and makes water pools. Small water pools could soak the roofing material and cause damage to the layers beneath the shingles. In most areas, summer also sees heavy winds and rain which can damage the shingles or fill the gutters with debris.


During Fall, the trees shed their leaves, which might look very beautiful, but leaves pose a great threat to the roof’s drainage system. Leaves, along with other debris, can cause blockage in the gutters and won’t allow water to flow freely.


In this season, the roof experiences harsh weather– snow and snowstorms can cause cracks and leaks in the roofing system and also damage the interior walls and ceilings of your house. Melting snow also causes damage to the drainage system by forming ice dams which are yet another serious problem and have the potential to damage the entire roof drainage system.

Spring: During spring, rain or hail might hit your area and cause damage to the entire roof.

So, every season has the potential to cause harm to your roof.

#2 Regular Roof Inspection Ensures Everyone’s Safety:

Thanks to harsh weather, roofs can become weak and even collapse. If you do not inspect the roof’s condition and get damages repaired on an immediate basis then you’re compromising your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Inspection of the roof after every season is essential; The roof offers primary protection for your house and family.

#3 Roof Inspection Is Essential To Protect Your Insulation:

If you do not get your roof regularly inspected, you will be unaware of the exact condition of it. If damage is left unattended for long, it can gradually mess with your house’s insulation. Even the walls and ceiling could get damaged to such an extent that they’d collapse at any time.

#4 Inspection Of Your Roof Gives You Peace Of Mind: 

When you leave damages unattended, the thought of getting the roof repaired bothers you, right? Clogged gutters, water stains on ceilings and walls, broken shingles, and/or damaged flashing keep reminding you that the roof is not in good condition and you need to get it repaired. An increase in utility bills could also stress you out. Getting repairs done would give you peace of mind.


Getting your roof inspected and repaired after every season is essential. You can contact the best roofing repair professionals at Born Carpentry to help you with a roofing inspection and repairs.