Winter’s harsh conditions are not friendly to your roof. In addition to the roofing layers eroding under the weight of snow, ice and sleet, water can seep inside the house and do significant damage wherever it goes. To maintain the structural integrity of your house, it’s critical to practice preventive roof maintenance.

Maintaining your roof is crucial because a harsh winter can pose a variety of problems for it. Roof layers will gradually start to crumble as a result of persistent snow and ice accumulation, causing gaps and holes to appear. Roofs need routine maintenance to be in peak shape because they are exposed to the elements 365 days a year.

Poor maintenance can increase the chances of accidents and damage to the house. Thus, it is crucial to frequently inspect your roof to identify any emerging problems.

Besides this, many other factors explain why roof maintenance is essential during winter.

Potential risks of not conducting roof maintenance

Winter can be rough on roofs. Here are some issues to be aware of at this time of year…

#1 High snow accumulation

#1 High snow accumulation

Over time, thick accumulations of snow can weaken structures and, in rare situations, collapse roofs. This frequently occurs in older homes and worn-out buildings that have experienced their fair share of wear and tear. For your safety, you must evaluate the condition of your roof right now.

#2 Danger of unprecedented accidents

#2 Danger of unprecedented accidents

There have been numerous instances of unforeseen injuries, even fatalities, brought on by poor roof care. You must be aware of the proper techniques for removing snow from your roof. Even if it seems easy, there have been instances where people have been chopping ice, which can harm shingles and gutters. Snow removal practices such as pushing snow onto gutters may eventually result in cracks and leaks.

#3 Skylight-equipped roofs

Skylight-equipped roofs are particularly vulnerable during harsh winter weather, especially when it’s snowing heavily. Leaks and even broken glass are consequences of the pressure of snow and ice on the skylights. It is crucial that your roof is properly fixed, sealed and that skylights remain unobstructed.

#4 Roof maintenance will clear the vents

Snowfall will essentially cover everything outside. In particular, though, vents must always be kept free of snow, ideally. Depending on the building, blocked and clogged vents can cause poor drainage, persistent sewage odors and even explosive concerns. To avoid a sluggish buildup and blockage, it is crucial to begin basic roof maintenance as soon as the cold season arrives.

#5 It can stop bugs from getting inside your house

At this time of year, you’re not just attempting to keep the winter chill out of your homes—pests can also be a major issue. Rodents frequently try to enter buildings since winter is an extremely challenging period for any wild animal due to the cold temperatures and limited food sources.

#6 Roofing maintenance in winter can prevent leaks

Fixing leaks can be expensive. You must fix any damage to the interior of your home in addition to the roof.

Winter roof maintenance and inspections are especially crucial since the regular process of ice freezing and melting onto your roof might result in leaks at vulnerable spots. A roofing firm will be able to look for any leaks that may already be there and determine if there are any dangers associated with them. If yes, professional roofing contractors will fix the issues.

#7 Roof maintenance is essential for gutters

Maintaining your roof is crucial to the condition of your gutters. Your gutters may become clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris if you neglect regular cleaning. When your gutter system is clogged, it cannot remove water from around your house. This can potentially lead to the formation of ice dams in winter. Ice dams will block the free flow of water to the downspout. Moreover, ice dams will exert pressure on the gutters and cause severe damage.


Roofs require maintenance during the winter season more so than at any other time of year. You should have your roof professionally inspected by a reputable roof repair provider. In Minnesota, call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003.