Seasonal maintenance is essential to keeping your home in great shape. This is true particularly for the roof of your home. Spring is the best time to plan for roof maintenance. This is because it is the period after winter. Winter can be very harsh and it’s typically a season when you may not be able to inspect or perform roofing maintenance thanks to snow and ice and cold!

Why Spring Is A Great Time For Roofing Maintenance

 Roofing Maintenance.

Winter is often characterized by harsh weather conditions. These conditions can bring damage to your roof. Frequent ice and snow can cause your roofing materials to contract and expand. This can result in cracks. Issues like this should be addressed as soon as possible. Spring is the best time to perform roof inspection(s) and maintenance.

Here are some of the reasons why spring is the best time for roofing maintenance

The pleasant weather

The weather during spring is decent. It’s typically neither too hot nor too cold for roof work!

Roofing contractors are available

Unlike fall and summer, spring is a period where roofing contractors are readily available. This is because spring is not as busy as the other seasons– fall and summer are the busiest seasons for roofers. Roofing contractors have fewer clients in the spring. This gives them time to attend to your needs. They also have more time to adequately perform the required roofing maintenance for you.
Furthermore, roofing maintenance during spring is an opportunity for you to negotiate a better price for yourself. It is also a time that allows you to choose the best roofing contractor available in the market. You should be sure of getting the exact kind of service you pay for when you hire the best roofer. Plus, they are more likely to complete your roofing maintenance as scheduled.

Results in lower bills

Roofing maintenance is best done in the spring. This is because the season is the most efficient option for your budget. The spring is the best time to reveal deterioration. When not immediately addressed, deterioration can cause further damage. Taking action after regular inspection and signs of roof wear and tear is necessary.
Additionally, performing roofing maintenance in the spring can lower your bills during the summer and winter seasons. Cracks in your roof allow heat to easily escape from your home during cold seasons. Cooler air also escapes during hot seasons. Luckily, having your roof fixed during the spring will ensure it functions optimally, therefore reducing your energy consumption.
The weather in spring is comfortable. There is rarely the need to use air-conditioners to keep your home cool and heaters to keep warm. As a result, it is the best time of the year for roofing maintenance.

Repair roofing elements damaged by winter

 roofing  damaged by winter

Your roof is vulnerable in winter. Leaks and structural damage can occur because of ice dams, snow accumulation or impacts of hail or heavy winds. Determining if your roof has an issue or has been damaged during this time can be difficult. Luckily, the spring is a good time for a roofer to detect potential issues with your roofing system.
Identified issues may require a fast response to avoid further damage to your roofing material. For example, you could potentially have water damage or a leak because of ice dams. This issue and others, like debris and leaves accumulation in the gutters, can easily be fixed in the spring.

Ideal for planning and maintaining steel buildings

Bad weather and low temperatures are some reasons why roofing maintenance for steel buildings is not carried out during winter. Moreover, inspecting the roof during this season can be difficult, unlike in the spring. The spring provides better weather conditions for many types of roofing systems, including steel roofs.


You need to regularly maintain your roof to ensure it functions properly. Spring is the best time to carry out scheduled maintenance because of the decent weather, availability of roofing contractors, etc. In Andover, MN, contact Born Carpentry by calling 612-747-8003 to schedule a roof inspection and/or repair work.