Having your home damaged during a storm can be devastating. When windy storms come through your neighborhood, they can do tremendous damage. You need to then consider how to clean up the problem and restore your home to how it was before the storm damaged it.

Storm Damage Assessment

Following a storm, your home is likely to be facing some damages. Before any further steps are taken, a thorough assessment of the damages needs to be done. This is to give you a better idea of the kind of damages that you are dealing with. The severity of storm damage is not always obvious and requires more than just a quick visual inspection.

Even as you perform a personal assessment, you may still need a professional eye. A member from a storm damage restoration company can inspect the entire building and take note of all the damages. They will then recommend customized repairs.

Emergency Protection

After a storm hits your home, it is important for any further damages to be prevented. This involves securing damaged areas that may allow this to happen. A storm damage restoration service will provide emergency protection in these places… For instance, they’d secure open areas left by damaged or missing doors or windows. For the roof, boarding up and roof tarping would help prevent any more destruction.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage is one of the most likely effects of a storm. It can lead to mold/bacteria growth, health issues, and/or structural damage. Water restoration is therefore a crucial step during storm damage repairs.

To begin with, the contractor will assess the kind of water damage as well as the extent before taking appropriate steps. They may start by vacuuming any standing water followed by a dehumidification process to remove excess moisture. They will then clean some household items before repairing affected areas such as the drywall, electrical system(s), and floors, etc.

Mold Remediation

If your house has been exposed to water damage, then chances are that you may also be facing mold problems. Apart from the ugly appearance of mold growth, it could also lead to various health concerns. To effectively get rid of it, you may need the professional help of mold remediation experts.

A mold removal service will begin with an inspection and accurate diagnosis of the mold situation at hand. They will then continue with the mold remediation process which may include mold and mildew removal, getting rid of mold odor, as well as cleaning and sanitization.

Wind Damage Repair

Severe storms come with strong winds. Such winds can blow away roofs and siding, down power lines, and cause landscape damages. A storm damage restoration company can inspect your building and property for wind damages. They will then come up with a repair estimate to address all the issues that may have been brought about by said wind damage.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is another crucial part of storm damage restoration. The impact of a storm can lead to fallen trees. Some of them may end up landing in/on your house! Tree removal might be necessary. This process needs to be done safely and correctly. A storm damage restoration company will provide tree removal specialists who will come equipped with the necessary skills and tools to resolve this issue for you.


Following storm damage, your house may have to undergo construction to restore it to how it used to be. Rebuilding a damaged house is not as straightforward as a normal construction job might be. A storm damage restoration company will provide reconstruction services where they will ensure that your house is made new while still retaining the original structure.

Immediate storm damage clean-up and restoration will enable you to go back to your home as soon as possible while at the same time preventing the situation from worsening. It is therefore best that you have the phone number of a storm damage restoration company saved in your phone so that you can access the aforementioned restoration services quickly.