Due to stormy weather, roofs undergo various types and levels of damage. The damage to a roof can be both internal and external. The destruction caused by a storm can be a nightmare for homeowners! Your house and its roof are essential, right? And they are also a huge investment.

Every homeowner must take action to protect his or her roof from harsh weather conditions. When you plan to protect your roof from storm damage, you must know the main causes of damage. This knowledge will help you to take preventive measures.

What Are The Causes Of Storm Damage To A Roof?

According to experts, the four main causes of storm damage include water, wind, hail, and debris.

#1 Wind Damages Caused To The Roof:

Wind Damage on roof

During hail storms and thunderstorms, the wind speed can reach more than 60 to 70 miles per hour. You can imagine the high wind speed and its impact on the roof shingles.

Strong winds have the potential to tear down and blow off shingles from the roof. They can lift and curl up the shingle edges. When shingles suffer such damage, this might expose the roof underlayment. It can increase the risk of water leaks and rot the wood in the roof underlayment.

During a hailstorm, the hailstones create dents in the shingles. The dents cause blisters and bubble formation in the shingles.

#2 Water Damage Caused To The Roof:

Water damage can occur due to excess rainfall and snowfall. You might think that rainfall cannot damage the roof. The water flows down the gutter and to the downspout. But sometimes the water does not follow a proper route to flow off the roof. Due to this, you might observe a large pool of stagnant water adding ice dam formation in the gutters. It is a risk not just to the roof, but also to the gutters. A stagnant pool of water can lead to the growth of mold/mildew on the roof’s shingles. This is bad, as it can lead to rotting of roof underlayment and water penetration inside the house.

Ideally, replace damaged shingles with new ones. Add sealants around the roof to prevent water leaks in the house.

#3 Damage Caused To Roof Due To Hail:

Hail damage on roof


Hailstones can be large or small. Every type of hailstone can cause damage to the roof and its shingles. Small hailstones can create dents in the shingles. Large hailstones damage the roof structure. Due to hailstones, the granules present on the shingles get picked off. Granules provide a protective layer over the shingles. If the granules get removed, the roof cannot function efficiently.

#4 Roof Damage Due To Debris:

Thunderstorms usually mean high winds. The winds have the potential to bring along tree branches, twigs, and other debris. The debris can cause severe damage to the roof shingles. Sometimes nearby trees fall on the roof and cause catastrophic damage.


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