A storm is not a window’s best friend. Storms, especially those with strong winds, pick up debris, small stones and tree branches and hurl them towards the windows and roof of your home or structure.

Flying pieces of broken glass can ruin your home’s interior, permit the rains to enter and cause chaos. In the wake of a storm, however, not all window damage is visible. And, if ignored, this could result in even more issues.

Here are some pointers to help you know what to check for along with window maintenance and replacement procedures. Before you dive into the initial steps to fix your window, it’s best to educate yourself as to how a storm can cause damage to the window’s panes and frames.

Inspection Of Exterior Areas

steps to fix your window

It’s crucial to closely examine each pane of glass while looking for external window damage so you catch every little dent and chip. Broken glass is a clear indicator of window damage, but you should also pay particular attention to the frames themselves.

It’s possible for older wooden frames to be cracked; The sealants may already be compromised and may be in the process of deteriorating in the window frames of older homes. Storms and strong winds may make the situation worse. It may not be sufficient to replace the glass in older window frames and reseal them– instead, they might require a complete window replacement.

Damage Caused By Wind

Strong winds can cause the glass of the window to break or crack, as well as cause damage to the frame. Strong winds can cause double-glazed windows to shatter or break. It is best to replace cracked window glass, because it will most likely not withstand future windy conditions.

Damage Caused By Hail

Hail may severely impact windows, especially during thundering storms. If hail can chip and fracture a car’s windshield, you can assume that your home’s windows are also susceptible. Glass, screens and window frames are all vulnerable to the savagery of hail. Use this chance to inspect the flashing above the windows as well. The last thing you need is for the flashing to experience damage, especially with newly installed glass, during the next storm.

Destruction Caused By Water

In the soggy aftermath of a storm, stormwater damage may be harder to assess. Leaks and mold development around window frames can harm your home’s structure and cause health issues in addition to causing interior damage.

Inspect the space between the panes for any accumulation of moisture or fog. Watch out for water stains on the walls and ceilings inside that are yellow or brown. Look for flaking paint or wallpaper that is coming off.

How To Repair Windows After a Storm

After a storm, here’s what to do…

Replace Broken Window Panes

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You should replace the window frames and shattered glass as soon as possible. Experts recommend leaving this to window experts because it is not a straightforward DIY deal.

Stronger windows, those composed of insulated or double-glazed glass, are less likely to be pierced and destroyed by projectiles. This is because two panes of glass are fused together using pressure and heat in an oven to form double-glazed windows, which also include a plastic inter-lay, making them stronger than single-pane glass panels.

Examine The Frames

In addition to missing or cracked bits of sealant, examine any dents and paint chips. If the framework and seals sustain even minor damage, it might result in more severe issues.


Splinters and tiny pieces of broken glass may fall to the inside floor due to broken window glass. Any kind of flooring should be thoroughly vacuumed after sweeping. Avoid mopping, as mopping will only scatter splinters and other debris.

Inspect The Window Board

After a storm, the experts will be busy, so it can take them a day or two to respond. After removing all remaining pieces of shattered glass from the frame, cover the window’s interior with plastic sheeting if the weather forecast is more favorable. If it appears that the bad weather will persist, board up the inside windows with plywood sheeting. If the windows have exterior plywood panels, it’s likely that the next storm may cause them to fall off.


Windows play a significant role in enhancing the curb appeal of your home. They allow natural light to enter the house and enable proper air circulation. Sometimes, though, you will need window repairs. When that time comes, talk with the professionals at Born Carpentry to help you with window repairs or replacements. Call Born Carpentry at 612-747-8003 for more information.