Consider installing new siding as a home improvement project if you’re searching for a smart way to improve the appearance of your house. Your home’s appearance can be changed and its curb appeal increased with a simple color adjustment.

Keep in mind that siding is only a smart purchase if it is built properly. It is a good idea to employ a skilled contractor to complete the task for you because installing or replacing siding can be a challenging home repair undertaking.

Siding is an excellent home improvement that can increase the value of your property and enhance curb appeal. When there are many things to think about, there are also some things you should be prepared for while going through the procedure.

Choosing a trustworthy contractor and selecting the siding material are the key decisions you need to make.

There are several options for siding, including vinyl, wood, stucco, brick and aluminum.

It pays off in the long run to select the appropriate siding installer. Your choice of contractor can mean the difference between having sturdy siding that lasts a long time or the need to hire another expert to remedy the faults made by your first contractor.

Make sure your contractor is reputable and has the skills necessary to do the work.

Here are the 7 steps that you can expect with siding installation…

#1 Prep the house/yard

Trim the plants and trees around your property before the contractors arrive.

Furthermore, trim your lawn before the installation starts.

Contractors will find any nails or staples that get lost while working more easily if the lawn is cut.

Garden furniture, portable plants and lawn equipment should all be removed from the exterior of your home.

#2 Remove the old siding

Removing the old siding

The old siding needs to be taken off before the new siding can be installed. Your yard will probably become messy, but a qualified contractor will have a removal strategy.

Normally, the old siding is removed in a dump truck, but on rare occasions, it may be left in a large pile for a few days until the job is finished.

#3 Inspection and wall preparation

The contractor will inspect your external walls first and make any necessary repairs before putting in the new siding. This crucial procedure makes sure that the siding can be placed properly. The state of the walls will affect the new siding’s stability and attractiveness.

#4 Installing insulation

You may anticipate that the insulation that comes with your old siding will also be removed when it is removed. By installing new insulation that is suitable for the siding being placed, your contractor will ensure that your home is well-insulated.

#5 Flashing installation

Under the siding and on top of the trim is where the flashing is installed. It provides an additional layer of defense and functions as a weather barrier to keep out water. To safeguard key places, flashing is positioned beneath windows and around doorways.

#6 Setting up the new siding

Setting up the new siding

The new siding will be fitted after the earlier stages are finished to once again protect your property from the elements. The project’s completion time will be extended if your siding needs painting.

While installing fiber cement siding is similar to installing other types of siding, your contractor may need to put in a little bit more effort. Fiber cement siding is nailed into the studs and put over a protective layer, just like other siding kinds. Fiber cement siding’s durability necessitates the use of stronger tools. Compared to vinyl or wood siding, fiber cement siding requires harder saws and tools to cut the boards to the right angles and lengths.

#7 Cleaning up the mess

The contractor needs to get rid of the mountain of trash and discarded goods. It can be messy to cut fiber cement boards or other pieces in and around your house.

Afterward cleanup is necessary to get rid of any leftover debris. After installation, it’s typical to wash the installed boards to get rid of any grit and dust.


The greatest method to guarantee that your siding looks fantastic and will remain that way for many years is through proper installation.

Both new construction and renovation projects use roughly the same siding installation technique. Siding installation is only successful if the exterior of your home has been properly prepared

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