Roofs are known for protecting houses from harsh weather and keeping families safe inside. But roofs also have a certain lifespan and eventually you need to get them replaced.

If you are keeping your roof well-maintained, then you can extend the service life of it. That said, at some point in time (after 30 to 35 years) you will have to get the roof replaced. Is it possible (and safe) to live in a house while the roof is being replaced?

Yes, you can live in the house when it is being re-roofed. There are, however, some important things to take into consideration.

#1 Keep Your Kids Safe:

If you plan to get your house re-roofed when your kids are around then the first thing you must do is let them know that the roof replacement work will be in-process for a couple of days. You should share some important guidelines with your kids, which they need to follow in order to keep themselves safe. You can also designate certain secure areas of the house where kids can spend their time away from workers and problems. While the work is going on, there could be a lot of debris falling all over the place and kids should not be running around. The same goes for pets!

#2 Secure Your Vehicles:

Generally, professional roofing contractors will suggest you park your vehicles at a safe distance from the house during the roofing process. This small step will ensure that falling debris will not hit your vehicles and cause any damage. Even parking your vehicles in the garage could be dangerous. The construction process may cause vibration in the garage, and tools and equipment could fall on your vehicle(s).

#3 Protect Your Outdoor Furniture And Landscaping:

In order to protect the landscape area or the lawn, roofing contractors will typically lay a tarp covering over the grass and bushes to collect falling debris. Moreover, they might also make use of magnets and place them perfectly around the tarp. This will collect falling nails and does not cause any harm to furniture, grills, outdoor furniture or the garden area. If you or your contractors are not vigilant about the roofing process, it can become extremely messy and lead to accidents and property damage.

#4 Keep Tabs On The Noise Pollution:

There will be loud noises while the roof replacement process is going on. Generally, roofing contractors are well aware of the fact that being in a residential area means they need to work as quietly as possible. They may make use of advanced equipment that ensures that the noise caused during the work is kept to a minimum with little or no disturbance to the neighborhood. You can also protect your kids and yourself by using earplugs. Once the work is complete, you can remove the earplugs.


Whenever you are planning for roof replacement, the first thing that you should focus on is the safety of your house and your family. You must take necessary measures to ensure that your house’s interior and exterior are in good condition. In order to keep house inhabitants safe, you can maximize their safety by allocating a particular room for them and setting out safety guidelines. These are some of the most important things that you must follow if you have decided to stay in the house while the re-roofing process is going on. You can also choose to move out for a couple of days until the work gets completed.