Hail can cause damage to your siding, your landscaping and of course to the roof of your home. Although hailstorms cause harm, the degree of damage can vary greatly. No matter how minimal the damage may seem, it is essential to make repairs quickly. If you don’t, the damage will continue to worsen. Left unfixed, you may end up needing an entire roof replacement, which could be costly. Furthermore, a damaged roof reduces the value of your house. In fact, around $15 billion in damages were caused by hail and strong winds in the United States last year alone. Hail destroyed hundreds of homes and accounted for around 40% of insurance claims.

Hail can damage almost everything outside. This includes your car, windows and roof. The costs connected with hail damage will pile up rapidly. Some hail damage is as easy to spot as a cracked window or damaged automobile. But it takes a skilled eye to discern small undetectable hail damage and its ripple effects. Even if your roof doesn’t appear to have noticeable holes from hail damage, you still need to have it inspected to determine the extent of the damage and the best course of action for making any necessary roof repairs.

Here are some points you can use to identify hail damage…

#1 Missing Granules From The Shingles

A severe hailstorm might cause granules to fall from your roof. The force of the hailstorm impacts an asphalt shingle roof, knocking granules from it. The asphalt underneath gets exposed as the granules are wiped away. Due to hail storm damage, exposed asphalt sustains damage from UV rays and other factors, which causes it to age quickly.

#2 The Presence Of Cracks And Tears

Shingles can shatter and sustain damage from hailstorms. Tears and even cracks are caused by the hail storm’s power and pressure, especially when the wind’s speed is high. Cracked or damaged shingles cannot do their job effectively because they allow moisture and sunlight to penetrate the roof. A qualified roofer can recognize these flaws and offer the best remedies for the affected area(s).

#3 Damage Caused To Wooden Shingles

roof replacement

A hailstorm may seriously damage a wooden shingle roof by separating the shingles. The damage is random and difficult to detect without a comprehensive inspection by a qualified roofer. Typically, the edges of the damaged tiles will be sharp and pointed. Once you’ve located the damaged parts, you must fix or replace them according to a specific process.

#4 Destruction To The Fiberglass Mat Of The Roof

The exposed and damaged fiberglass mat reveals the effect of the hailstorm on the asphalt shingle roof. The fiberglass mat is exposed when hail strikes the shingles’ surface. It can result in further damage, such as fracturing. It can be challenging to see this sort of damage. Therefore, to prevent future damage to your roof, hire a roofing professional. A qualified, experienced professional can identify such defects and fix them.

#5 Examine The Condition Of The Gutters

gutter inspection

To see if the hailstorm left any noticeable damage, inspect your gutters. A dent in your gutter is undeniable proof that your roof has been damaged. Additionally, investigate whether your gutter is blocked or overflowing. Granules that have been knocked off and washed away by water can block gutters. Granules in the gutters are an indication that your roof has been damaged.

Moreover, damaged shingles on roofs require repair or replacement. Consult experts for assistance if you discover missing granules from your shingles.

#6 Pay Attention To Decking And Siding

Inspect the sheathing and the decking areas for any apparent damage. If you see damage in these places, it may be a sign that your roof shingles need to be repaired because they are ripped or cracked. Also check your siding.

To evaluate and make repairs, seek the assistance of a roofing professional. A contractor has the technical expertise to evaluate your roof accurately and suggest the necessary repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, repair costs can vary as well. Anything from a straightforward patch to a complicated repair to an entire roof replacement can be done by a professional. A roofing contractor can determine the best repair for your roof.


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